Kevin Hart supports Nigerian pencil artist


Talent they say is God’s gift to an individual, which eventually make a way for him. A talented fine artist, Eli Waduba Yusuf has been recognised by American comedian, Kevin Hart on Wednesday, 27th of February, 2019 after he saw an hyper-realistic pencil art work of himself.
Eli Waduba, an hyper-realistic pencil artist in his usual act uploaded the beautiful painting of the Hollywood actor on his social media platforms and solicited for Retweet from people to get the actors attention.
As luck would have it, Kevin Hart who has almost 35million followers on Twitter noticed the beautiful art work and was really marvelled by it.

The What Now? producer who was at the time yet to know the brain behind the artistic beauty went a step further by inquiring for the artist’s information.

After making contact with the Kaduna based fine artist on twitter, he did not only praise him but also showed his willingness to purchase the art work and further support the young man develop his talent by having him make paintings of three more of his celebrity friends.

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