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Apart From ASUU Strike, See Why Students May Not Resume Till April 2021






In 2020, students in Nigeria were technically on strike throughout the year, and it was impossible for most of them to receive lectures.

After this battle, a good news came in December that the strike has been called off but then, they might not resume physically till the second quarter of the year if care isn’t taken. Since yesterday, ASUU have started saying universities can not resume now due to Covid-19 related issues.

Covid-19 is one virus that started in 2020, and till now has proven to be powerful because its second wave which most countries are experiencing now looks dangerous than the first. In few days that we have spent in this year, several cases and deaths have been reported as a result of Covid-19 complications.

In a way to avoid this in students, it is advicable to stay back home because if a student contracts the virus, it will easily spread in school because hardly would one see a student alone, they walk in company of friends, and strangers, without a very proper way of preventing the spread, there will be massive cases of the virus which is very dangerous.

No doubt, with the situation of things now, the first quarter will be seriously rocked with this virus, and its not advisable to have physical lectures in schools, they all should  be adviced to resort to online lectures instead of endangering the lives of students in schools


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