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Breaking! Our daily manna (ODM) publisher, Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe to “return” to pharmacy one day in a year! – after 30 years!





The popular and leading Christian devotional,  “OUR DAILY MANNA” published by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe in a bid to give back to the society and ensure a total WHOLISTIC welfare ministry has organised a programme tagged, “MERCY MONTH.”


It Will Feature Visits To The Orphanages, Donation Of Food Items, Care For Widows, Visit To Prisons, Blood Donations  ( Blood Donations Shall Kick Start In 2019), Community Services ( Sanitation), Scholarships And  Care For The Elderly.


This event will be taking place on Saturday June 30th and Sunday JULY 1st simultaneously around the globe in about 100 countries and locations.


It’s an annual event and a divine instruction given to the writer/ publisher of the worldwide, popular daily devotional, OUR DAILY MANNA, who is a Pharmacist by training but a PROPHET/Writer by Calling.


At a press conference, Bishop Dr Chris KWAKPOVWE said he would personally lab coat which he used last about 30 years ago, and be involved once a year to dispense medicines to the sick while prayers for divine  healing will also be a major activity on that day.  This is the 2nd edition which started in 2017.

Medical personnel and care givers have been mobilised worldwide. He also asked care givers to volunteer.

The Event Is Just For 2 Days In 2018. But From 2019, IT WOULD Run For A Month – Every June.

He thanked the Shell Medical team, Colleges of Medicine, pharmacy Schools and the Lagos State ministry of health for their support.

According to the Bishop, while he was a Pharmacist, he embarked on some medical missions, took final year students from Medical Schools to villages around lagos.


Speaking on why he chose the month of June every year, he revealed that God told him that the body of Christ and all ODM users should show mercy to strangers every year,  two weeks before the commencement of the  annual worldwide 14-day fasting program of the ministry which comes up every July.


He reminded the press of the events about 30 years ago that led to his giving up PHARMACY, a profession he loved and still loves so much.  He said God told him to face His MINISTRY Work FULL TIME.

He refused and struggled with the call for years till he was struck with Epistasis (bleeding from the nose). He was rushed to the Federal Medical Center at 1004  in Victoria Island. The doctors ran X-rays, and did all sorts of tests which came out with fine results. They battled to stop the bleeding to no avail.



It was at this point that the Bishop, then a Reverend, asked for a sheet of A4 PAPER because he knew that the cause for the etiology was his disobedience.


He resigned from his pharmacy job on that hospital bed and the bleeding stopped instantly on the same day.


He advised the public to visit the ministry website ( and take advantage of this annual event.

In his closing remarks, he said ‘’ What would Jesus do? The only religion i know is care for my fellow man. Let’s all do likewise because life at its very best is all vanity.


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