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CAMA: ‘You Can’t Regulate Us Because You Don’t Give To Us’ – Apostle Suleman blasts FG



Apostle Suleman


Apostle Suleman

The latest of the men of God in Nigeria to comment on the Companies and Allied Matters Act (Amended) is the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

In a video uploaded on his instagram page, he described the CAMA law as evil and diabolical and his ministry won’t respect an act that doesn’t respect the law.

CAMA Bill Is Diabolical and evil law, you say you can change board of trustees and no court can upturn it. Why should I respect an act that doesn’t respect the Law?

Also, He explained that charity organizations which includes churches are being regulated overseas because they also enjoy a lot from the government but the situation isn’t the same in Nigeria.

‘We know how it is run in Overseas, we have churches there, in America, a charity organization can get grants from the government, during this pandemic, I known churches that got thousands of dollars from government, they give them so they can regulate them.

Can we ask for 100million in this country and they will give us? If you give to use, then you can regulate us?

When you support charity organization, you can regulate them, we are not antigovernment, I paid about N4.6million as tax some weeks ago, you are believing all those nonsense you see on social media that pastors are eating tithes’

Furthermore, the popular pastor explained that lockdown period was one of his best time because he was able to save some money, while commenting on how men of God make money.

‘Lockdown was my best time, because I saved a lot of money, no member to ask me for rent, money, I was just enjoying myself, the day we opened church, 4million left me for rent of members.

We are helping, there are some pastors who are eating money, the likes of Oyedepo and Adeboye are rich through the people they invested in years ago, they are the one taking care of them, that is how pastors get money.

There are people I trained in school years ago, today there are taking care of me, should I reject what they are giving me? They swear for me?’

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