CEO Promises Quality Representation In Imo

CEO Promises Quality Representation In Imo


“Service to humanity is my real opportunity to prove my genuine love For God and God alone”.


The foregone quote aptly describes the man, Chibuzor Edwin Okolie, famously known and called CEO being abbreviation from his three names.


The young, good looking and brilliant CEO hails from Orlu/Orsu/Oru-East Federal constituency. CEO is a man of many parts and he has effectively deployed his many abilities and resources for the good and the development of his constituency and humanity in general.


Long before venturing into the world of politics, this strong, focused and idea oriented technocrat, from a humble background began his life from scratch by engaging in small scale businesses. Spurred by the entrepreneurship spirit in him, Okolie, birthed a thriving hospitality company; that has seen one of its franchise,  Ediz Wine Bar,  emerge as one of the longest running hospitality facilities  in South -South and Nigeria.


Where we are today in our lives is a result of what we know and what has kept us from moving ahead is a function of what we do not know. Chibuzor Edwin Okolie-CEO,  being fully aware of the forgone statement and the need to move from  being called a CEO  because it is the acronym of his name, to being a real time Chief Executive Officer, Okolie enrolled  and got a first degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt. Armed with an Economic degree, coupled with his knowledge of the street that has made him a grass root man that; Okolie  has conquered in many fronts that include hospitality and entertainment, construction among others.


In this age of selfishness, Eddy Wine Bar, as Okolie, is known by his teaming youthful followers discovered that selfless service to his people is the only soap that can truly purify, hence his decision to embrace philanthropy through and through.


From children of his mother’s kitchen in Orlu/Orsu/Oru-East Federal constituency of Imo State, to the restless youth and the aged in Rivers State to the talented youths in the streets of Lagos, the CEO has allowed himself to become the answer to many people prayers.


It will be recalled that when Port Harcourt  and other parts of South –South region of Nigeria were threatened by kidnapping that scared tourist, existing and potential investors away from the region, Okolie, took the bull by the horn; by organizing the first peace walk in Portharcourt  that had in attendance the biggest of Nigerian showbiz stars  as well youth leaders and youthful  business executives  in attendance, this event stands in history as one of the major steps that put paid to the rampant kidnapping in the region.”


Scholarships and free distribution of examinations forms to youths and teenagers who desire formal education are a constant gesture from Okolie to his constituents.


His empowerment and support to youths who are gifted in showbiz or other forms of endeavors in his immediate constituency and Nigeria at  large has been well noised nationwide.


In recognition for his love for his people and humanity at large, the charming and ever youthful and people oriented leader from Orlu/Orsu/Oru-East, was asked by friends from far and near to explain what is behind his love for his people and he quickly explained  “I have learned that it is by serving that we learn how to serve. When we engaged in the service of our fellowmen, not only do our deeds assist them but we put our own problems in fresher perspective. When we concern ourselves more with others, there is less time to be concerned with ourselves”.


After his first attempt in  2011, the CEO is now set to answer the call of his people to vie for the office of House Of Assembly, to represent Oru-East constituency in the state assembly. Okolie says he is accepting the call because ‘I will like to borrow a few words from former United State President, Barrack Obama, who rightly said change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change we seek.”


One reason the  constituents of  Oru-East constituency can be rest assured of Chibuzor Edwin Okolie effective representation is the fact that, to give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity, a virtue which defines the man Chibuzor Edwin Okolie -THE CEO


In this exclusive interview with some selected leaders of the GUILD OF BLOGGERS NIGERIA, the awaiting lawmaker bears it all as he reassured his constituents of quality representation if given the mandate.


Primaries will be coming up in the next few weeks, how prepared are you and what are your chances?


By the grace of God I have done so much at sensitizing my constituents and I believe they will come out in mass to support CEO. ORU-EAST Divine project. I am not a strange fellow in my community and I have spread the gospel of my vision and mission which is well understood. By and large, I am well prepared for the election and I have a brighter chance to get the party’s ticket.




What gives you motivation to contest for the position of House of Assembly?


I am highly motivated by the need to have more government impacts in my constituency. I am motivated by need to correct the existing abnormality of the current aged leaders who believe in looting the fortune of the future generation. The youths have come of age to take up the mantle of leadership and everywhere in the world; the trend is gears towards having more youthful elements in politics and decision making




Do you have confidence in the country’s electoral umpire, INEC to deliver free, fair and credible elections come 2019?


With what they have displayed in the just suspended bye-election in Rivers State, I think with maximum pressure they would not have any choice but to be transparent. Don’t forget Nigerians are now more vigilant and more mature politically. So, the issue of rigging and manipulation has been reduced in the last general election and it is my belief that INEC will play by the rule.




Insecurity as a result of the activities of armed robber, kidnapper and ritualists are very prevailing in South east and Imo is not exempted. What legislative measure do you wish to introduce in other to curb the menace and what’s your view about state police?


If you have being following the news critically you will find out that the issue of kidnapping has become a menace to society but in Imo it’s a different story because the issue has being brought to the nearest minimum but I shall lend my voice to strengthen the existing secured Imo and by extension Oru-East which is my constituency.




What will you do to encourage entrepreneurs in Oru if you are elected?




Undoubtedly, people need empowerment and there is a lot to be done in other to empower my constituent. First, will be to make laws that will boost investments and development of small scale businesses.  I have in my game plan that there is need to attract development that will enhance the ability to transport goods produced locally to the open buying power. This will encourage more productivity as people would work for themselves in an enabling environment free from crime and insecurity. We shall form a front that will protect lives and property in my constituency by God’s willing.




Politics and perhaps contesting an election is no doubt a capital intensive project. You have been doing great works even apart from politics that gulp lots of capital, what’s the source of your income?




I am an entrepreneur with interest in tourism and hospitality business. I have many businesses that have engaged me profitably in the past. I started working for myself since I was in secondary school and till date, I am a boss of myself. Although, I also do businesses with multi nationals companies around this region.




As a loyal party man, do you have confidence in the leadership of your party to conduct a credible primary and would you consider defecting an option if you lose at the primary?


Politics to me is not a do or die affairs. However, it would be a very big loses to the constituency if the party does not conduct a free fair and credible primary. But with the crop of leaders we have in PDP now, I have no doubt that the election with be free from imposition and manipulation.




Is your party in the best position to win next year general elections giving the gale of defections from right and left?




The best way to answer this question is to put to you this way: As a Nigerian would you vote to a lie called government if given second chance? I live the answer to you.




What’s your view about the phrase; rule of law in contrast to national interest?


The rule of law is supreme and it is the only mechanism through which justice can be delivered to all. In fact, it is a typical example of an ignorant leader who got into power bye the rule of law and now claimed not to recognize the supremacy of constitution of the land. Nigeria and Nigerians need to be vigilant and watch out for any aberration that can drag the country backward.


it is our prayer that Almighty God crowns your aspiration with resounding victory. However, We’ll like to know your view about the quest for Igbo presidency ?


Igbo presidency can’t be achieved now. That’s a hopeless promise; it will be manifested when Nigeria is ready to grow beyond ethnic politics. Because Nigerians are scared of developing internally which is what the Igbo presidency will bring to the table?


Osho Oluwatosin

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