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Chief Kemi Nelson : A Testimony of Women Achievers In Nigeria



One of the leading voices of women in Nigeria is no doubt the All Progressive Congress South West women leader, Chief Kemi Nelson.

She has been upright in her ways especially politically, in the society even before she ventured into politics

Taking us down the memory line, she was once a commissioner for establishment, Training and Job creation, this isn’t a small deal job and she performed excellently well.

During her regime at this post, a lot of jobs were created, trainings were done, and till today, the results still speaks as Lagos is one of the highest states that employ labour.

Fast forward, one of the biggest appointment that could hit anyone was given to her, she was appointed as the South West APC women Leader few years back, and few years down the line, we can see a lot of woman representation in the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the south west region of the country.

However, the office of the APC South West woman leader wasn’t a very palatable one, it was hardly sought after but because of the tremendous work she has done, it’s a post which has become the prayer of many

Furthermore, Due to this height she has attained, she was given a federal appointment by the President Buhari’s Led administration. She was appointed as one of the Executive Directors at Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF).

Arguably, she is one of those women who have acted more than she was expected to do in politics, and that is excellence.

Not Just in APC, not just at the state level, she has been an Achiever among the women folks all-rounder


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