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Diary Of A Young Politician




So, going into active politics has kind of opened me up to a whole new kind of experience. Its funny and interesting. People are scared for me, while I’m just having fun and enjoying myself. I think I was born for this thing. Hehehe.


On the other hand, I think I’m getting obsessed. The other night, I was on YouTube. I sent the whole night watching all videos I could find about the Lagos State House of Assembly. I think I’ve read every thing they have on their website. I know nearly all the members of the house by their names and faces. Maybe I’m getting obsessed.. Lol!


Now, seriously speaking, I believe we can break Nigeria into an era of positivity. Well, I’m an eternal optimist. I believe that there’s always a tipping point where when its reached, the course of direction just suddenly shifts and newness begins. I also believe that right now, there’s a fresh wind blowing across our political scene. That’s why you see young people stepping up to contest elections. There’s a window that has been opened up, and some of us who are sensitive enough are grabbing this with both hands, because we know that if we must change our country, we must be aggressive about it.


These few weeks, I have interacted with more people on the streets that I have ever done in my entire life, and its been very revealing. Whenever I take a bike, I make sure I engage the ‘okada rider’ in a conversation. And boy, these people are frustrated. One told me one day, he said ‘we don’t have a government in this country, we are just living in a jungle’. Everyone is feeling the pain, and worse, there’s no one to even complain to. You can’t even see your elected leaders. They are hidden in beautiful offices, eating good food, wearing nice clothes, while the common man starves.


If we don’t step up to take charge of our destinies, we will be forever in this condition. And this is why I’m doing this. I’m contesting for a seat in the *Lagos State House of Assembly (Ikeja 1 Constituency).*


I’m very much passionate about specific issues. They are:

  • Education (formal and technical)
  • Ease of doing Business/Poverty Eradication
  • Youth Capacity Development (children and teens)
  • Women Empowerment


These are issues, I’ll fight massively to ensure we make progress in these sectors.


And yes, I want you to support me. I need you to help me make this dream possible. Together, we can build a Nigeria that we want.


Akan Imoh,

Aspirant, Lagos State House of Assembly,

Ikeja 1 Constituency

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