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How Ojodu LCDA boss is splashing Taxpayers’ Money





In all part of the world; good governance is actually by putting people at the center of developmental process and e-governance is the only effective way of transparent good governance through PRO-PEOPLE and PRO-ACTIVE.

But what was recent displayed at the popular De Meros Hotel and Suites, located at the heart-beat of Lagos, Ikeja by the executives and officials of Ojodu LCDA, led by its Chairman, Hon David Olusegun Odunmbaku at an event tagged ‘Gala Night’ to wrap-up Ojodu LCDA Y2022 Budget Retreat, called for concern to the taxpayers and superior authorities.

At the evening event, the executives and legislative arms of the LCDA were treated with all the paraphernalia of royalty and candor. The LCDA boss treated every single official that graced the occasion with vintage wines and exotic delicious dishes continuously flowed into wealthy throats like torrential rain while nobody could resist the temptation of the numerous delicacies on offer.

The event lasted till the wee hours of the night as the event turned carnival-like, the LCDA boss, Hon Odunmbaku was very much in his element during the event and those who witnessed the event could not but agreed that Hon. David Odunmbaku is on the march on for what Local Government can do in this uneconomical era, just as many are wondering why this kind of display should be made known to the public.

The youthful and upcoming grassrooted politician; hon Odunmbaku, came into conciseness of electorate through the influence of his effervescent father, Cardinal James Odunmbaku, a pragmatic political titan and decision maker in Lagos politics and ruling national APC.

Hon. David Odunmbaku is one who is known not to do his thing in no small measures, he is known to be a stickler for uncompromised excellence, diligence and astuteness; and all these virtues may have inadvertently rubbed on his social, domestic and private lifestyle.

Hon Odunmbaku is no doubts on course for a run in the political firmament with his gregarious antecedents.


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