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How Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse Foretold ANC’s Loss of Majority In South Africa Election




The general overseer of Freedom For All Nations Outreach (FANO) is currently being celebrated after accurately foretelling the outcome of South Africa parliamentary election which took place last week.

The election, described as historic, saw the ruling party, ANC, which has been in power for thirty years losing a majority for the first time. The party which has always had more than 50% threshold struggled to have 40% and now has to meet other parties for coalition talk.

This is in fulfillment of the prophecy of Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse which he shared many months before the election. The prophet revealed that the election would be dramatic and was going to be different from every other election that has been held in South Africa.

He warned ANC to seek the face of God to avoid being pushed out of the seat of power. He warned the leadership of the party to genuinely seek God.

These were his words:

These were his words:

‘’South Africa, your upcoming election will be very dramatic and it’s going to be a different election from all other elections that I have ever seen in the history of South Africa. ANC should go and seek the face of God and genuinely go to God. This is not the time to consult ancestors, ANC must return back to the origin of their party. ANC is God’s own party but God has left the party. My eyes opened in my prayers and I saw three quarter of ANC flag in the realm of the spirit out of the house of power and they were trying to push the flag in but I don’t know what was resisting the flag from going inside.’’

As he foretold, the current state of South Africa’s politics has confirmed the prophecy of the prophet.