‘Ikorodu Political leaders Self seeking gains made me withdraw from Senatorial Race’ – GOA

 ‘Ikorodu Political leaders Self seeking gains made me withdraw from Senatorial Race’ – GOA





One of the frontline Aspirant for Lagos East Senatorial Seat on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State, Otunba Ganiu Abiru  has said that his decision to step down from the race was informed by experiences which glaringly Shows that the interest of some Ikorodu political leaders lies in self-seeking pecuniary gains and their  attitude towards the division’s cause in recent time has called for caution and utmost restraint in pursuing the struggle any further.



Abiru  in his open letter to the people of ikorodu division noted that, “ Few months ago, some progressive young minds walked into my office, they introduced an idea to me; that after careful deliberations and consultations with well-meaning members of the community, the community has offered to support me for the position of the Senate come 2019 election if I chose to contest. I felt humbled and requested for a period of time to ruminate, and make consultations with the royal fathers, my friends, and family members.  However, my Community which is so dear to my heart, has found me worthy, who am I not to heed to the clarion call”.


While arguing that his decision to run for the Lagos East Senatorial seat was informed by the struggle to save Ikorodu division from political oblivion which is the basis of the campaign, started with consultations with political leaders, traditional institutions, party leaders and the masses within the Lagos east senatorial district; the aim is to share my objectives and vision for Lagos east senatorial district.   Abiru stated that “We combed the nooks and crannies of Lagos east senatorial district where I met with the critical stakeholders in each community, political leaders, the youths and members of each community. Their positive response, their concerns and regret about the falling standard of representation in the district motivated me to continue in this cause and pursue the same up to this point of address.”



“As time passed, we were determined and have designed impactful programmes. We began with our campaign for registrations and collection of permanent voters (PVC) card within Ikorodu division because we believe our selling point to be politically relevant is to ensure massive votes for the party’s candidates in the 2019 general elections.  We held series of meetings with party leaders and politicians alike.

Politics as they say, is a game of reality and number. It is a strife for interest masquerading as a contest of principles. Though, these interests swing in different perspectives to each individuals.”



According to him “Experience in the last couple of days shows glaringly that the interest of some of our political leaders lies in self-seeking pecuniary gains.  Their attitude towards our cause in recent time has called for caution and utmost restraint in pursuing our struggle any further.”.


He explained that the political leaders have chosen to align with familiar faces and their interests myopically should be the  interest of others in the Community. “Their disposition to our cause as party primaries draw near has given us a genuine reason to reconsider our stance and jettison our cause, though this was not envisaged. The claim that we did not consult is nothing but balderdash. Some of our leaders don’t want their subordinates within d Community to be greater than them. Indeed, some of them are on vengeance mission. But no mortal can say Yes where God has said No and vice versa. I must confirm that I have no regret for my political action and promise to continue d struggle of liberation from self- seeking political overlords”


“On this note, I wish to thank my team, our well-wishers, royal fathers, traditional Institutions and other well-meaning members of the Community for their support so far. I have decided to continue this struggle in my private capacity, to ensure that Ikorodu division is never taken for granted in the scheme of things in Lagos State. I hereby announce my withdrawal from d Senatorial race of Lagos East Senatorial District, effective from 8th September, 2018” He concluded.




Osho Oluwatosin

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