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By: Ademola Balogun, Maryam Tijani



Tuesday, December, 18, 2018 was a day filled with glitz, glamour, encomium and commendations, as friends, family members along with prominent persons in Ikorodu joined Olori Ruth Ajibola Adelabu to celebrate her Thirty-Five (35) years of a successful career in teaching service of the Lagos State Government.

Present at the pen’s down ceremony which was held at the Oga Primary School premises were head teachers, staff members of the Local Government Education Authority (LGEA), teachers, and retirees, representatives of Royal heads within and outside Ikorodu Division, family members and friends of the celebrant among other distinguished guests.

While paying Tribute to Olori Ruth Adelabu, her children described her as the epitome of the perfect primary school teacher (Foundational Teacher), kind, nurturing, energetic and resourceful woman.

“Our mum wasn’t just a teacher, although that alone is a weightily role, she was so much more to the students and also her colleagues. She brought enthusiasm, kindness, generosity, warmth, creativity and boundless energy to every school she graced. We will like to think we have imbued some of her qualities over the years. We have watched our mum worked so hard and she has earned right to a life time of rest

“You may be retiring but your work is never done. Of every job you have had, you will always have to keep just one. That is the job of being the best mother ever. She is retiring today, we celebrate her lifetime of hard work because she always went the extra mile”.

According to Asiwaju Lateef Babatunde Oduguwa, formal chairman, NUT, ikorodu branch, AOPSHON chairman and the immediate past head teacher, Oga primary school. “I had a good time with her as partners. I did not for one day regret entrusting so many responsibilities in her care. I will always remember that I worked with someone who was older than me but who accorded me honor and respect without question. Since you are a good woman, I am not surprised you have a good man as your husband who once assisted me while he was in service and till today. I am also not surprised that you have good children because I know some of your children and here is no doubt that you will retire into a good time. She, without pride of age, served under me as her head. She is always ready to do her job with diligence, commitment and dedication. She is a mother figure to many and very an exemplary woman”, he said.

Comrade (MRS) Kehinde Okeowo, a retired public servant, frontline politician and community activist. “Mrs Adelabu has been known to me for the past 30 years as the wife of my teacher, Chief Emmanuel Adelabu who taught me at the African bethel primary school, ota-ona ikorodu. She is known for her sincerity of purpose, very industrious and reliable. Within the African church circle. Mrs Ruth Adelabu served at different times as secretary and treasurer of the woman’s league at lagos diocese level without blemish”.

She described the retiree as a caring mother, dutiful wife, accommodating parishioner, philanthropic and generous to those close or far away from her. She finally wished the celebrant happy retirement in good health with more service to humanity.

In her own words, Mr Olukoga, Head Teacher, Farm Settlement primary school odogunyan said she never regretted working with Mrs. Adenuga at farm settlement primary school odogunyan because she is a very humble, loyal and hard working teacher.

Mrs Titilayo Adelabu, (daughter in-law) also expressed how happy she is witnessing the PEN DOWN of a rare mother, a well cultured and gallant government officer. After 35 years of meritorious services to the nation and humanity.






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