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JUST IN: Twin Explosion Rocks Cemetery, Over 100 People Dead




At least 103 people have died from a twin explosion that hit Iran on Wednesday.

According to Iranian news reports, the explosions occurred where people gathered at a cemetery in Kerman, Iran, during a ceremony to mark the fourth anniversary of the death of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) General, Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by a US drone strike.

Quoting an official in Kerman, Iran state media said the blasts “were caused by terrorist attacks”.

Another 141 people remain critically injured. It is suspected that most people sustained injury from being trampled upon.

Tasnim news agency reported that the two bombs were placed in suitcases, which appear to have been detonated remotely, contradicting earlier reports, which suggested that it was suicide bombers who detonated the explosives.

There has been no official confirmation yet.

Gholam Mohseni-Ejei, Iran’s head of Judiciary, in a statement, said perpetrators will be punished.

“The agents and perpetrators of this grievous crime will undoubtedly be punished,” Al Jazeera quoted him as saying.

“Responsible intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies are obligated to promptly pursue all the evidence and perpetrators and hand them over to the Judiciary,” Mr Mohseni-Ejei said.

The government has declared Thursday a national day of mourning.