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No More Resumption In Lagos As FG Orders Continued Closure Of Schools



School re-opening

School resumption


The presidential task force on Covid-19 has ordered that all schools remain closed during a briefing that took place earlier today.

The PTF explained that before schools should open, there must be risk assessment processes done and resumption must be in stages.

It was further said that all schools should remain closed until the level of risk is assessed.

‘For educational institutions, they should begin the process of potentially reopening within this phase, however, we recommend that state conduct risk assessment to ensure all schools are at a level of compliance

Meanwhile all schools should remain closed until this level of risk is assessed, and if there will be opening, it must be staged and carried out in phases’’

However, it is worthy of being noted that some states like Lagos and Osun have asked schools to resume earlier but with this, it appears the date will be shifted till the assessment is completed



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