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Ondo Monarchs Pray, Endorse Funmi Ayinke For Governorship Race





Foremost Ondo state governorship aspirant, Engr. (Dr) Oluwafunmilayo Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo has been endorsed by monarchs in Arigidi, Akoko North-West area of the state today Saturday, 13th Of January, 2024.

The endorsement which marks the beginning of Funmi Ayinke’s governorship campaign was spearheaded by the Zaki of Arigidi Akoko, Oba (Dr) Yisa Olanipekun who gathered other monarchs to endorse the Arigidi-Akoko born politician.

On arrival at the King’s palace, Funmi Ayinke, who was in company of Nollywood actor, Kunle Afod and her staffers and received great reception from a teeming crowd of supporters, explained to the monarchs that the significance of her visit was to launch out from her hometown. She noted that her ambition is to make the state better than it is and to also serve as an indicator to women that they have more to offer the country.

‘’I appreciate you, our fathers, for giving us the opportunity to see you. I decided to start my governorship race from the soil I hail from because everything about me is Arigidi, Akoko. I grew up here, my family hails from here and it’s just important to start this great race from my source.’’

Oba Yisa Olanipekun while speaking acknowledged Funmi Ayinke’s antecedents, x-raying her popularity, hard work and professionalism. He mentioned that she has exhibited the character of a trustworthy person since he has known her. He spoke highly of her and urged other monarchs to pray for her ambition.

‘’She is popular, hardworking and won many awards. She is also trustworthy. She has a good thought towards Akoko, she has her work and it’s not like she’s looking for anything. We are God’s representatives here and we know when we pray, it will be answered. There is nothing like having our own children in good places. I want you all to pray for the success of her ambition.’’

Also speaking on behalf of others, a top monarch asserted that he believes in the ability of Funmi Ayinke to do better than other governors when she emerges. He applauded her for taking the right step of coming to see the elders while congratulating the people of Arigidi, Akoko. He declared that with the support of the monarchs, Funmi Ayinke will emerge the next governor of Ondo state.

‘’Yorubas have underestimated women from time to time but now, times have changed and I believe you can do it better than men. With the support of God and we the monarchs, you will emerge. You have taken the right step; you have come to the elders. I congratulate the people of Arigidi and we have a lot of work to do to ensure this woman emerges as the next governor. I want us to have the first female governor in our time. I urge the monarchs to put it in mind, let’s tell our children that are into politics, we have to work for her.’’

After addressing her, the monarchs came together to give her royal blessings and lifted her hands, signifying an endorsement and send-forth as she began the race.

Furthermore, Funmi Ayinke met elders of Arigidi-Akoko who prayed for her to become the next governor of Ondo state.

After the meeting at the Palace, Funmi Ayinke met 100 widows and as usual, empowered them.