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OPPO Reno8 now available nationwide: Checkout the new innovations in Android




Highly revered for its quantum leap in photography performance worldwide, OPPO Reno8 is now available in Nigeria.
The new smartphone closes the gap between Android and other OS camera performance with its new AI camera, co-developed by OPPO and Sony.
Reno8 is available in all OPPO-authorised retail stores nationwide, such as SLOT, Pointek and 3Chub, among others.

*What can you do with the Camera?*
*With the Ultra-Sensing Selfie with IMX709:* Take clear selfies in all environments with 32MP Selfie Camera and exclusive Sony sensors inbuilt with customized RGBW. So, experience more light intake and better clarity even in dark environments. Reno8’s front 32MP Selfie Camera is powered by the flagship RGBW IMX709 sensor co-developed by OPPO and Sony.
*64MP AI Portrait Camera:* Reno8 is a specially crafted 64MP artificial intelligent Portrait Camera smartphone which meets your needs for full-scene photography. So, be confident to use Reno8 to capture those special moments and save the costs of hiring a professional photographer. The rear camera is tested and proven to produce a 108MP super high-definition photo.
*Flash Snapshot:* take clear photos on the move.
*Microlens:* Reno8 comes with a new camera design. Its 30x magnification broadens the boundaries of phone photography, allowing the user to explore the micro-world and discover a new frontier in everyday life. Never worry about the distance of the object. Just zoom, shoot, and enjoy the crisply clear image.
*Bokeh Flare Portrait* – Experience smart skin tone protection with beautification effects on the environment. Take amazing photos of the city at night.
*Automatic Portrait Retouching* – A unique feature in Reno8 is the automatic Portrait Retouching that can accurately restore skin tones and textures while detecting lipstick and natural features. As well as accurately recognise and erase blemishes, pimples, acne scars and sunspots, and intelligently retouch skin tones or makeup while keeping other desired features intact.
*AI Palettes:* Copy filters used by photographers with one tap. Who thought taking photos could be so easy?

*Watch video here*

As per the design, Reno8 is slim and sleekly styled. It comes in two colour options – Dawnlight Gold and Starlight Black. With this unique OPPO Glow Design, you can boldly flaunt your smartphone and showcase your sense of refinement. Reno8 has an eye-catching appearance, a smooth touch, and is fingerprint resistant. The phone has an ultra-slim retro design and features a straight-edge middle frame.

*Large Memory*
Never worry about running out of space with Panther-A’s. With 8GB RAM large memory, 256GB of ROM storage, as well as up to 1TB extra storage from SD, Reno8 has larger capacity to store photos and videos. So, no need to delete while taking pictures.
Other features include:
• Super long battery life: 4500 mAh Large Battery + 33 W SUPERVOOCTM.
o Charge for 5 minutes and talk for 2.68 hours. Charge for 5 minutes and watch YouTube for 1.68 hours.
o Charge for 15 minutes and watch YouTube for 5.32 hours.
o Note: The data is provided by OPPO Labs. Actual results may vary due to differences in the testing environment. (Such as temperature variations and battery age).
• Multiple charging protections
• 90Hz Eye-Care Display and 90Hz refresh rate. Reno8 is SGS Eye Care Display certified.
• Ever smooth-running system because it comes with a large memory.
• *RAM Expansion:* Use spare storage memory as RAM to make the system even more efficient.
• Reno8 is configured with an industry-leading 6nm process with a Qualcomm® octa-core processor.
• Immersive gaming experience which:
*Quick Startup:* Automatically identifies frequently played games. Relaunch the game without having to wait.
*Game Focus Mode:* Prevents disturbances at critical moments in games.
*AI Frame Rate Stabilizer:* Predicts the frame rate and temperature to keep them stable and ensure a smooth gaming experience.
• *Adaptive Sleep:* Detects whether the user is looking at the phone. The screen will not be turned off while still being watched.
• *Screen Translate:* No more language barriers when browsing websites written in foreign languages.
• *Photo information protection:* When sharing photos or videos in photo albums, file managers, and third-party Internet applications, this model provides a setting to remove photo location information and photo shooting data (name, time, phone model, parameters) to protect user privacy.

Reno8 starting price is N264,600. Based on its advanced features, OPPO Reno8 has a good price point.



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