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The frontline Aspirant of the Lagos State House of Assembly under the People’s Democratic Party, Mukaila Ajagun Lamina kicked off campaign towards the Forthcoming 2019 general elections at Ita Elewa, Ikorodu, Lagos State on Saturday December 22, 2018 with unprecedented crowd as he officially declared his intentions to contest for the Ikorodu constituency 1 seat at the Lagos House of Assembly and in the same vein promise to end the era of rubber stamping legislation. Which has continuously impoverished the people of the division division.

“My fellow Ikorodu compatriots, our gathering here today is a clear indication that the years of rubber-stamping legislation. Ikorodu is noted for its independence of thought and its sons and daughters have been frontliners in the body politics of Lagos State and Nigeria at large. This great community produced the likes of Chief Adeniran Ogunsanya, TOS Benson who was the first Minister for Information in Nigeria, Gbolahan Mudasiru who was Military Administrator between 1984 and 1986, Professor Ayodele Oluwatumininu Awojobi of UNILAG, an inventor and academician”.

“As a strong believer in community and grassroots development, I embarked on wide consultations with concerned minds and reached the conclusion that Ikorodu Constituency 1 needs a true people’s voice that puts you first always.


“From my consultations, what is obvious and clear is that the people of Ikorodu Constituency 1 are tired of years of rubber-stamping legislation that exposes our people to the filth of refuse. We want a break from the years of rubber-stamping that imposes tax hardship without people inclusion. Our people say no to years of rubber-stamping that under-develops Ikorodu while others flourish. Our people seek freedom from years of rubber-stamping legislations that alienate us in the political equation of Lagos State. Today, by popular demand and will of God, we initiate the process of emancipating our Constituency and returning it to the path of glory.


“Because, we offer an inclusive process, permit me to take you through some of the provisions I have in stock. Let me quickly state that I do not claim to have all the answers you seek, but together we can chart this great course of prosperity and make our Constituency work for all through effective legislation and responsive oversight of the executive arm.


“Today, the BRT terminal plays host to hundreds of commuters daily who experience preventable delays in accessing BRT buses. I intend to initiate reform bills and work passionately to ensure that commuters enjoy wider choices on the road and waterways. I will seek to strengthen Public Private Partnership (PPP) in making our public transportation infrastructures more efficient and people friendly.


“The RE-EMPOWER bill I will be introducing is a holistic, sustainable, practical legislative effort at making our youths economically empowered and our women financially stronger.


“Single mothers, divorcees and widows shall receive special status for financial funding for any business of their choice.


“As a product of public school education, I strongly believe that education is strength and an educated community is stronger for it. If given your mandate, I plan on bringing on board legislative reforms that will make public education from primary to secondary school the preferred choice for parents, civil and public servants.


“Let the word go out from this venue that if elected, Your voice for better things for Ikorodu will be louder and deafening. That Lamina is here to shake the table come 2019. The negligent of Ikorodu within the socio-economic landscape of Lagos State MUST stop now.


“Permit me to use this avenue to appeal to our teeming supporters that while we are on the verge of taking back Ikorodu from individuals that have held us in bondage for years and return it to the people, let us do so peacefully and overwhelmingly by voting PDP for Ikorodu Constituency 1”, he concluded.



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