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Princess Linda Moses Joins #EndSARS Protest



Princess Linda Moses




US-Based Nigerian Princess Linda Moses is one of the latest celebrity to join the #EndSARS protest going on across Nigeria.

It’s a protest that has the intention of putting an abrupt end to police brutality, injustice, unnecessary killings by the force, profiling of well-to-do Nigerian youths across the country.

According to Princess Linda Moses, the police brutality experienced over the years by Nigerian youths is enough and the solution to it is putting an end to it and reforming the Nigerian police force generally.

She explained that on a daily basis, the lives of the leaders of tomorrow are being cut short intentionally by those meant to protect them, describing it as evil on the part of the Nigeria police force.

Also, while reacting to the new creation of Special Weapon And Tactics Team (SWAT) by the Inspector General Of Police to replace SARS, She noted that it is dead on arrival because it still hasn’t addressed the needs and demands of the Nigerian youths at this time.

She urged the Inspector General Of Police to embark on thorough reformation of the Nigerian police force, fish out the bad eggs, retrain the officers, then we can move forward.

Princess Linda Moses is a US trained nurse and the CEO of, an online store that deals with all women wears

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