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By Vanuatu

The founder of synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua is so many things to a lot of people.

Some know him to be a helper, to some he is an adviser, to some he is a deliverer, to some he is a God sent angel, and so on.

Prophet TB Joshua, whose ministry started many years ago is not just the regular prophet, He is someone who goes out of the way to ensure that the gospel of Christ is shared.

In the history of evangelism in the world, no new Generation Evangelist can stand the antecedents of TB Joshua, just like the days of Apostle Paul, TB Joshua has taken the gospel to uttermost part of the earth. He has been to places where the gospel has never been shared to talk about Christ to people.

As the bible says if one performs miracles and wonders without showing love, He or she is like a sounding brass that makes the loudest noise but is empty, TB Joshua is an epitome of love, a preacher of love and a doer of love. With Emmanuel TV, He has reached out to the needy through his charity works.

His loving nature is also very evident in his preachings, His popular and most used word is ‘Let love lead’

Prophet TB Joshua is also someone celebrated across the world, He has been given highest awards in Peru, Paraguay, Dominican republic, to mention a few.

Prophet TB Joshua, no doubt has done a lot to impact humanity

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