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UK-Based Nollywood Actress, Princess Elizabeth Onanuga delves Into Politics




UK-Based Nollywood Actress, Princess Elizabeth Onanuga has taken a new step ahead of her colleagues as she delves into politics, to contest for the office of the President Of Nigeria under the umbrella of The Royal Party Of Nigeria.

This is in line with the not the Young to rule bill that was made a law some months back. Princess Elizabeth Onanuga in a lengthy post explained the reasons behind aspiration and what she intend doing if she gets elected into office in 2019.

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As I move around this country interacting with regular Nigerians, I listen to their concerns about unfulfilled expectations, frustrations and sometimes disillusionment. Yet I still see the excitement, determination and hope on their faces.

In spite of the many challenges we face, it is quite remarkable that our people have refused to give up on Nigeria. It is inspiring that amidst difficulties and growing anxiety over the future of our country, our people have refused to succumb to despair and hopelessness. This never-say-die attitude gives me immense hope and it is one of the reasons why I can never give up on Nigeria.

The glaring mismatch between our potentials and our achievements has become for many a frustrating puzzle; for others it is a topic for national debate; and yet for another group, it is doomsday lament. But as a progressive and open-minded Nigerian, I consider it a golden opportunity and a bittersweet chance to display our courage, rekindle our innovative instinct, showcase our character and turn the Nigerian dream into reality.

The future of Nigeria is represented here. Nigerians of my generation, who work tireless to earn a living, striving to make Nigeria a better place for themselves and their families, and who are entitled to retire in comfort, are here. Our youth are represented here. (Please join me in giving three gbozaas for our youth: Gbozaa! Gbozaa! Gbozaa!). You, the youth – endowed with fresh ideas, bubbling energy and a passionate desire for change – you are the hope of this nation. Without you, we really can’t talk of a future with hope and confidence.

That is why the 2019 election is about you. It is about how to ensure that you live safe and secured lives. It is about making sure that you feed well, receive quality and affordable education and training, secure good jobs, support your own families and contribute positively to the development of our country. This is what a responsive and responsible government owes its citizens. This is what our generation owes upcoming generations. This is what we must do to guarantee our country’s future. This is what democracy promises. This is what our party, the The Royal Party Of Nigeria (TRPN), seeks to actualize.

Our party, the TRPN, offered a great hope for many Nigerians as a potent alternative to the ruling APC.

I am particularly proud that our party has adopted the innovative Modified Open Primaries in selecting its flag bearers at all levels. This will ensure the emergence of candidates whose mandate will be informed by the popular will of the members of our party.

However, I believe that it is the responsibility of my generation to offer our political shoulders to the new generation to climb upon, improve their vision and expand their horizon. It is this trans-generational collaboration and partnership that represents the best model to create the future that we desire and deserve. This is a well-tested model; the future of this nation should never again be subjected to leadership experimentation or learning on the job.

My politics have always been guided by the enduring values of fairness and justice, honesty of purpose, the pursuit of excellence, selflessness and the love for my country. These values also characterize my conduct in business & entrepreneurship.

I want to lead a government that will invest in its people because people constitute the wealth of any nation. I want to lead a government that will create “A Nigeria for All”. A Nigeria that is not about North or South, Christian or Muslim, but about a better tomorrow where every citizen will feel secure, act with patriotism, having assurance of the fulfilment of his or her aspirations.

I want to lead a government that will rebuild the institutions of governance with zero tolerance for corruption and nepotism, where hard work and dedication are adequately rewarded.

I want to assemble the best brains in the land and provide the political will and commitment so that jointly, and with the cooperation of all of you, build a Nigeria of our dreams.

Nigeria must rise to retake its leadership place in Africa and earn the respect of other nations. This places on us the responsibility of stewardship. It is the consciousness of this national responsibility that has guided my political adventures; and it is this call to serve that I have come to answer once again.

Nigeria must and will be great. With your support and prayers, we will change this country for good. We will create a country that will truly be the pride of the black race. We will create a new Nigeria for all Nigerians.

Thank you and God bless Nigeria.


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