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What Went Down on Episode 2 of Indomie Love Bowl Game Show



Indomie Love Bowl Game


It was another pleasant evening of family fun and exciting games thanks to the Indomie Love Bowl game show. The night was filled with surprises as the Ajibodu family of the green team secured their spot in the quarter-finals after beating teams yellow and red.


The game show kicked off with Host Darasimi Nadi introducing the three families competing – The Odunobi Family as team yellow, the Popoola family as team red and the Ajibodu family as team green. The families showed their excitement and the fans cheered as they took their place on the game floor.



The beautiful host Stephanie Coker hosted the ‘fire round’ where each family had to answer questions under 60 seconds. Team yellow and team red ended up with a tie and after the tie breaker rapid fire section, team yellow emerged victorious.


The Odunobi Family were the first family to spin the wheel, as the winning team from the fire round segment. The wheel landed on number 10 determining the next game to be played by the families.




The next game was truly challenging. Each team had to pop as many balloons as possible in under 60 seconds. The Odunobi family won the round by popping the most balloons and scoring 40 points. It was very obvious that mother and son were in sync during this game.




Next was the noodle dance party. The moms had to show off their dancing skills by performing a series of dance moves while balancing a bowl of noodles on their heads, ensuring to keep the bowls on their heads without touching it.

Team Red and team green proved performed beautifully, winning 25 points each.




The ‘Fix the Puzzle’ round was next. The teams were asked to rearrange a jigsaw puzzle to match the image of the Indomie onion chicken flavour pack projected to them. The Ajibodu family won this round by finishing their puzzle in just under 60 seconds.



Then it was time for the final and most anticipated round, ‘Indomie Time’. As expected, the moms prepared their everyday Indomie recipe, and the kids had to taste each bowl of Indomie to decide which was prepared by their moms while blindfolded.


This episode was filled with heartstopping moments especially when Team Yellow and Team Red guessed wrong. The green team guessed right, earning them a whopping 200 points and the winning title of the night with a total of 296 points.


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