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5 Intriguing Facts about the Newly Launched Pepsi Music Academy in Partnership with EMPIRE



Pepsi Music Academy


Pepsi, a trailblazer in the global promotion of Afrobeats, has teamed up with international music industry giant, EMPIRE,  to introduce the inaugural Pepsi Music Academy. As Pepsi continues to propel Afrobeats toward global dominance, this groundbreaking partnership with EMPIRE is set to redefine the music ecosystem. Here are five fascinating facts about the newly launched Pepsi Music Academy.


A Summit for Aspiring Talents: Pepsi Music Academy will host a summit for  30 participants shortlisted from the pool of applicants from the website. The academy is purpose-designed to provide aspiring and emerging talents with in-depth knowledge of the music industry, creating an enabling learning environment for participants to gain invaluable knowledge and insights required on their journey to stardom.


Music Maestros as Faculty Members: In a major revelation, Pepsi Music Academy, in collaboration with EMPIRE, has brought on board four music maestros as part of the faculty members for the summit. MasterKraft, Sarz, P-Priime, and Blaisebeatz, award winning producers, instrumental in the global success of Afrobeats, will be sharing their expertise with participants, providing  an unparalleled learning experience.

Diverse Learning Opportunities: Although this edition is focused on music artistry, Pepsi Music Academy is not limited to learning about being an artiste alone. It is designed to nurture, incubate, and empower individuals interested in various aspects of music business , including A&R, legal, public relations, marketing, and sound engineering.

EMPIRE 2 years Recording Deal, Brand New SUVs, Pepsi Influencer Role, Music Video Production, and more: Aspiring talents enrolled in the academy have a chance to redefine their futures. Top Three Participants from the academy will receive a living allowance for 2 years, the opportunity to be a Pepsi Influencer, get the opportunity to work on an original LP album with 4 mega producers, a music video production sponsored by the brand and a two-year recording deal with EMPIRE, opening doors to unprecedented opportunities in the music industry.


Application is Easy, Free, and Accessible: Applying to the Pepsi Music Academy is free and convenient for interested entrants. To join the PMA, interested participants can scan a bottle of Pepsi to access the PMA website or visit and submit their entries. Participants will have a period of 8 weeks to submit their entries to be a part of the Academy.

Follow @pepsi_naija@empire, and on all social media platforms for more information.

Pepsi Music Academy is not just an academy, it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities. You can be part of the transformative journey to shape the future of music and empower the next generation of musical talents. With Pepsi Music Academy, your Stardom Begins Here.