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Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila and the Campaign of Calumny Against Him



Femi Gbajabiamila





By Oladapo Sofowora


The political landscape can be a treacherous one, especially for those in positions of power like Rt. Hon Femi Hakeem Gbajabiamila, who has faced backlash and detraction since his days as Speaker for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. However, it is important to note that his rise to this highly revered position was not by accident, but rather through sheer hard work and dedication. As a seasoned lawmaker, Femi knows the politics of the country like the back of his hand, having previously held positions as both the minority and majority leader.


Unfortunately, Femi’s success has also made him a target for those who seek to soil his name and reputation. However, as the Yoruba proverb goes, “Ibaje Eniyan Oda ishe Oluwa Duro,” meaning the destruction of humans does not stop the work of God. Despite the efforts of his detractors, Femi has continued to stay afloat and his image and personality have continued to spread like wild fire.


Last year, Femi was announced as the Chief Of Staff COS by President Tinubu, which seemed to reignite the plot of those who waged war against him during his time as Speaker. They used certain sections of the media to malign him and called him many unprintable names in a bid to ensure he was dropped by the President. However, to the chagrin of his detractors, Femi received a vote of confidence from his boss who disclosed that he is with him regardless of what anyone is saying. With such assurance from President Tinubu, his detractors were once again shamed and they recoiled back into their cocoon.


When Femi consummated his numerous projects in Surulere Local Government, which consisted of a hospital, recreation center, hall of residence at the University of Lagos, roads, and more, those who loved to amplify bad news kept mute as if it were not important. They failed to hold other politicians who have never attracted a single project to their constituency accountable by calling them out. But for Femi, quality representation, dedication, stewardship, and delivering the dividend of democracy were the things he signed up for and as the Representative of Surulere constituency, he upheld it with much gusto.


Despite the attempts to downplay his achievements as Speaker and now as COS, Femi has told those who wish to hear that what many say about him does not define who he is and he has developed a thick skin over the years. Instead of going low with his enemies, he shut them up with hard work. Femi believes that no matter how long lies dominate, the truth will catch up with it and reveal itself.


While his detractors went on a brief hiatus, it seems they have resumed and are trying hard to complete what they started by sponsoring some media jingoism claiming the COS arrested one journalist who was doing an investigative report over the repatriation of some funds and properties from former Presidential Aide; TUNDE Sabi’u. According to an interview granted by the arrested editor; he claimed that; Gbajabiamila told Tunde they were going to remit only 20% to the coffers of the government and the rest funds running into milllions of Dollars will be siphoned. The statement didn’t only come as a big joke to those in the know, but it also came as a shock as to how someone could make such accusations without verifying.



First, the COS is not the EFCC chairman or works in the Police to determine a fraud case, and the repatriation of such funds, if need be, is not in his purview as there are relevant authorities that will take charge and ensure transparency. While some have amplified the said fake news targeted to bring the COS down, some who are rational enough know it’s just a mere campaign of calumny and hate backed with vendetta. However, Femi is wary of taking any action that could be misconstrued, as he does not want public outrage and emergency freedom fighters to say he is using his office and position to silence detractors or those critiquing him.


Nonetheless, Femi Gbajabiamila will not allow this to pass and will go after anyone who peddles false information about him. In conclusion, we are confident that when Femi returns from Hajj, where he is performing his religious duties, he will set the record straight and do everything within the scope of the law to clear his name, which is worth more than gold or silver.