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60th Posthumous Birthday: Indeed, Prophet TB Joshua Lives On



TB Joshua



By Osho Oluwatosin

Two years down the line yet it doesn’t seem like Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), popularly known as ‘The man in the synagogue’ has left us.

Though invisible in the body, unseen in the physical but his impacts and legacies continue to wax stronger by the day. He is indeed a perfect example of his well-known advice to mankind; “The greatest way to use life is to spend it on something that will outlive it”.

The surprising continuation of the legacies of Prophet TB Joshua despite his physical disappearance has proven beyond reasonable doubt that He spent his life on what will outlive it. Little wonder SCOAN ministry under the leadership of his wife, Pastor Evelyn Joshua has continued to grow non-stop as against the premonition of naysayers.

A typical testament of the above statement was the 60th posthumous birthday celebration of Prophet TB Joshua which took place yesterday Monday, 12th Of June, 2023 at the church’s headquarters in Lagos.

Many would have expected the event to be the normal remembrance anniversary where sorrow proliferates but surprisingly, it was the opposite due to the kind of man Prophet TB Joshua is. Instead of the conventional one-minute silence in honour of the dead at such an event, one-minute shouts of joy which connote celebration instead of mourning were observed. Indeed, Prophet TB Joshua was not an ordinary man.

As usual of his events and services where people from different parts of the world throng SCOAN’s headquarters when he was physically present, his 60th posthumous birthday celebration was no different as important personalities from countries like Malawi, South Africa, Namibia, India, USA, Norway, Poland, among a host of many others attended.

Many of the important guests also shared good remarks to describe who Prophet TB Joshua was to them and how they were impacted by his ministry.

One of the Pilgrims from the United States (US), Kinnack Emmanuel, said he came to celebrate the life of the prophet because T.B. Joshua brought light to his life.
Emmanuel, who is one of the benefactors of Emmanuel TV said: “I received Jesus from Emmanuel TV, the prophet was more than a prophet, he was a teacher, coach, pastor and friend to everybody.

“June 12 is a special day on my calendar because that is the day we celebrate a great gift the Lord gives the world.
“I believe he is here with us and he will always bless us, we miss him so much.”

On his part, a Nigerian preacher, Prophet Joshua Iginla, commended the prophet,  saying he was the greatest prophet of all time. According to him, the late Prophet took spiritual bullets for many people and stood his ground.

“We are not only celebrating a man who preaches but a man who has a spirit of love and he is a legend,” Iginla added.

Another cleric, Bishop Steven Ogedengbe, commended the wife of the Prophet for maintaining the church since the departure of her husband. He also appreciated other prophets in the ministry for moving the church from glory to glory.

On account of the marvelous things happening with the SCOAN ministry, there is no doubt that truly, Prophet TB Joshua lives on…