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Africa Magic Invests Over $85 Million to Bolster Local Content



MultiChoice, one of Africa’s major economic multipliers in the television sector has announced that through Africa Magic, it has successfully commissioned, produced, and acquired more than $85 million worth of local content over the last few years to create opportunities for young creators to earn a living from their work and for Africa to tell its authentic stories.

However, this substantial investment is under threat from piracy. As content distribution has evolved to encompass various devices and platforms, content piracy has evolved in tandem. Producers, studios, and rights-holders now find themselves in a technology arms race against pirates, striving to develop content-security strategies to protect their brand reputation, revenue, and the livelihoods of thousands who depend on the industry.

Speaking about the detrimental impact of content theft, Dr. Busola Tejumola, Executive Head of Content and West Africa Channels at MultiChoice West Africa, described piracy as unchecked theft that endangers the existence of jobs and the well-being of communities across Africa.

“We recently launched a continent-wide television campaign to emphasise how piracy erases African stories and jeopardises jobs in the production and creative industries. If piracy remains unchecked, it will result in fewer African stories being told, fewer local productions commissioned, and fewer opportunities for content producers.

“I appeal to our nation and our continent to unite against piracy and empower Africa’s creatives to earn a living from their talent, “she said.

In addition to its impact on the entertainment industry, Africa Magic’s contributions have also injected significant financial support into adjacent industries, such as travel, hospitality, construction, and manufacturing sectors, all of which are jeopardised by the scourge of piracy.