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After Cooking For 120 Hours, Guinness World Record Denies Receiving Application From Chef Dammy



Chef Dammy


TRIXX NG reports that Guinness World Records have dismissed receiving any application from Ekiti-born Chef Dammy who claimed she has set a 120-hour cook-a-thon.

The young lady began trending on social media after she embarked on a 120-hour cooking marathon, attempting to break the record of Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, who currently holds the world record for the longest cooking time by an individual.

However, her decision to challenge Hilda Baci’s record sparked mixed reactions and ignited a widespread debate on social media.

On Wednesday morning, June 14, Chef Dammy reached her target of 120 hours, leaving many wondering if Guinness World Records would approve her feat.

To clear the air, sent a press inquiry to Guinness World Records on Tuesday, June 13.

A response received from the organization suggested that the chef did not seek their approval before beginning the cook-a-thon, as there are procedures and rules that would have been sent to her to follow.

“We have not received an application for this attempt. Applications can be made via the Guinness World Records website for our records management team to review.

“Once an application is accepted, the record claimant receives a set of detailed guidelines specific to that record category that must be adhered to.

“This also details a list of evidence that must be submitted for our team to verify the record. Guinness World Records maintains a rigorous review process to uphold the integrity of each Guinness World Records title,” Legit quoted the organization as stating.