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APC Convention Date Will Affect Party’s Performance In 2023 General Election





The All progressive congress (APC) announced today that the national convention of the party will be taking place in February 2022 after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari and some of the party’s leaders.

The party is expected to elect new set of national executives for the party because as it stands, what the party has is a caretaker committee and not a full-fledged national executives since the court sacked Adams Oshiomhole who was the national chairman till 2020.

APC has tried to hold a national convention this year but had to postpone several times due to reasons best known to the party, it has been postponed more than twice this year before a new date was announced today.

While this date may be sustainable since President Buhari was involved, it may have a negative effect on the party’s performance in 2023 general elections because it seems late.

One of the reasons political parties ensure they hold their national conventions at least two years before general election is to have enough time to prepare, unite aggrieved members, know where the shoe pinches members in order to have a great outing during the election and that’s why PDP’s convention held some weeks ago.

As it stands, APC national convention will be holding one year before the general election. There are lots of work for the coming national executives to do. The party at all levels has crisis and it is one of the reasons the convention keeps getting postponed. If it is held in February, the national executives will first need to unite the party at all levels, this alone will take months to do.

The presidency ticket for APC will definitely be tough, there are so many top members with interest. We have those from the south west, governors who defected from the South east for the ticket and some from the north too, it will definitely not be easy. The national executives will be required to get a plan that will ensure a free and fair primary election.

A new executive emerging just one year before the general election may not guarantee a good performance for the APC at the polls due to the bulk of work they will need to do before going into an election.



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