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APC Members Share Old Pictures Of Tinubu In Mecca To Lie About His Health Condition (PROOF)




TRIXX NG reports that members of the ruling party, APC have been sharing old pictures of the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Saudi Arabia, Mecca to lie about his health.

The communication team of his campaign last week confirmed that he was out of the country to rest after which he will proceed to Saudi Arabia, Mecca for lesser Hajj.

However, there have been no sightings of Tinibu in Saudi Arabia; he is reportedly in a hospital in France getting treated for an undisclosed illness. There are pictures and videos of him in Mecca that have flooded the internet but they have been confirmed to be old.

One of the videos shared was first posted earlier this year online and shared again yesterday by members of the ruling party in order to claim that the president elect is in Saudi Arabia already.

Meanwhile, the communication team of the president-elect is yet to share any picture of their principal in the holy land of Mecca which confirms the invalidity of the pictures and videos online.

Some leadership of the party are reportedly worried over the sudden trip the president-elect embarked on especially at a time when preparations are in top gear for a successful transition into power come May 29. Many were shocked when the president-elect, through his spokespersons, called for prayers on his birthday which is today Wednesday, 29th Of March, 2023 as against his usual practices of holding a colloquium to celebrate his birthday.



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