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Apostle Suleman Marks B’Day, Shares Secret About Pastor Oyedepo





Spiritual leader of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has shown that appreciating a gesture, indeed, can impact the effectiveness of a man’s mission and vision in life. This was evident with his display of appreciation and gratitude to one of his fathers-in-the-Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo, for recognizing his (Suleman’s) dedication to growing God’s Ministry.


Following the unfortunate armed attack on his convoy in October 2022, the acclaimed ‘Oracle of God’ narrated his experience with Bishop Oyedepo in an amazing gesture he said no other fellow minister of God ever had with him regarding the accident. Suleman recounted during his 2023 birthday celebration held at the OFM headquarters in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria, how the respected General Overseer of the Living Faith Church shocked him with a midnight phone call and extended his fatherly support with words of divine affirmation and encouragement.


According to Suleman, although he never expected it from a man of Bishop Oyedepo’s stature, such a care is what he needed at that particular moment of his life because of the peculiarity of the attack and the psychological effects on him, his wife and children.


After the assassination attempt, I was to preach in Liberia, my wife said “Honey you are not going anywhere, stay here first.” I had a programme in America, I shifted it. One night, I had already gotten to where I was to take off for the airport. My worry was not attacks or anything; my worry was, “what is going on? Who could come to that point? I didn’t do business with anybody; I didn’t take anything from anybody; I didn’t involve myself in any deal. Nothing!” I was worried. That night I prayed and prayed, some minutes to nine, I didn’t hear anything from the Lord. I just laid down, I said “father, this Liberia I am going. I am not bothered if somebody comes from the crowd and shoots me or something; I’m ready to sacrifice my life for this gospel. I laid down almost depressed.


As I laid back, I slept off. When I opened my eyes, the Lord said “Look at your phone.” I looked at my phone, there was a missed call; it was Bishop David Oyedepo! And it was getting to midnight. I said “papa might be sleeping.” I just called one dial and he picked. He said “the Lord go with you!” Greater miracles; greater signs. I had a prompting in my spirit to call you.” I broke down in tears. And he began to speak words over my life. I went on my knees; I said “Amen papa.” He said “God bless you. They will not succeed. They cannot quench that light.”


Apostle Suleman said that the love he saw through Bishop Oyedepo’s intervention when he was attacked he didn’t get it from any other minister in Nigeria. he added that the ‘Winner’s Church leader exhibited the reality of the belief that God called us to help one another and to reach out to those in need. “As followers of Jesus, we are called to lovingly restore those who go through spiritual and emotional challenges in life. We are to care for those who suffer, who go through storms in life. After all, we are children of God who not only loves us and cares about our challenges, but also calls us to do the same.”


Suleman said tears rolled down his cheeks while he listened to Bishop Oyedepo’s soul-enriching words. “When you see men prosper, the principle of love is a motivating factor,” he postulates.




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