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BREAKING! Governor Godwin Obaseki Dumps Atiku, Supports Peter Obi For Presidency (VIDEO)




TRIXX NG reports that the governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki has spoken against northern presidency ahead of the 2023 presidential election despite the fact that his party, PDP has a northern candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

He made this statement whiles hosting the candidate of the Labour party, Peter Obi earlier today in Edo state.

Obaseki, though didn’t directly mention withdrawing support for his party’s candidate emphasized the fact that there need to be fairness in the affairs of the country and that his state will not be part of anything that doesn’t seem inclusive of all zones.

Obaseki noted that the country has found itself in a crisis of disunity and what can be done to solve it is by ensuring that all zones are included in running the affairs of the country.

‘’For us in Edo, it’s about Nigeria first, whatever we are doing politically must be one that will strengthen and preserve our country and our view is that this country cannot be preserved If there is no fairness and equity because we need that unity. We need to realize that as a country we all must feel part of the country and have access and opportunity like everyone.’’

‘’In 2023, for us to preserve our country, all parts must feel included in the politics, a situation where any part, unit and zone is left out and not considered as fit or has what it takes to provide leadership in the country, we have only created a basis for crisis.’’

‘’There must be adequate consultation across the various groups so we can build an alignment to produce a leadership that can take Nigeria out of the crisis we are facing today. Anything that is not inclusive, Edo will not be part of it’’




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