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BREAKING! NNPP Presidential Candidate, Rabiu Kwankwaso Falls Off On Stage (VIDEO)



Rabiu Kwankwaso


TRIXX NG reports that the presidential candidate of the NNPP, Rabiu Kwankwaso has fallen off the stage.

In a video seen on twitter, Rabiu Kwankwaso was seen trying to leave the stage when the plank used to build it suddenly gave in and allowed him sink on the stage.

He was immediately rescued by those on stage but we couldn’t tell if he sustained any serious injury from the unfortunate fall.

Kwankwaso has been in the news since he dumped the PDP for NNPP where he chose Bishop Idahosa as his presidential running mate. He is always referenced for his popularity in Kano state.

There have been rumours that Kwankwaso has planned to step down for another candidate ahead of the election but he vehemently denied such plans.

Kwankwaso said over the years he and his friends have done a lot and built goodwill across the country, which the NNPP is reaping now because within a few months of his joining the party millions of people have registered as members. Within a short time produced credible candidates across the country. Apart from the APC and PDP, we have the largest number of candidates across the country.

“NNPP is the only party growing now and the growth will continue as the 2023 polls approach. The other parties have nothing to say again. I was a founding member of the PDP, which was formed to kick the military out of power. There was no ideology behind the formation of PDP other than kicking the military out.

“After kicking out the military, we realised our differences. It was one of the reasons I lost re-election as Kano governor in 2003. So we have to think of getting a progressive party, and five of us, PDP governors, had to move and join in forming APC. We also realised that APC has issues and our expectations were dashed. We decided to form a party of like minds. However, when the INEC refused to register our party, we looked around and found NNPP. It meets our beliefs and ideology. We are happy that we left APC and PDP and joined NNPP.




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