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BREAKING! President Resigns As Gangs Take Over Country, Prevent Him From Accessing Airport




The embattled leader of Haiti, Ariel Henry, has resigned after weeks of chaos in the Caribbean nation, as gangs have been attacking government structures.

Haitian Prime Minister Henry said in a speech late Monday, March 11 that his government would leave power after the establishment of a transitional council, adding, “Haiti needs peace. Haiti needs stability.”
“My government will leave immediately after the inauguration of the council. We will be a caretaker government until they name a prime minister and a new cabinet,” Henry said in a video address.

Henry’s adviser Jean Junior Joseph earlier said that Henry would remain in his role until the formation of a new interim government.

CARICOM (the Caribbean Community and Common Market) on Monday said it had agreed to set up a transitional council to lay the foundations for elections in Haiti following a meeting of the regional bloc in Jamaica.

“We are pleased to announce the commitment to transitional governance arrangement which paves the way for a peaceful transition of power, continuity of governance and action plan for near-term security and the road to free and fair elections. It further seeks to assure that Haiti will be governed by the rule of law,” said Guyana leader and CARICOM Chairman Irfaan Ali in a news conference alongside other Caribbean leaders.

At the height of the violence last week, Henry was in Kenya to sign an agreement to send 1,000 Kenyan police officers to Haiti to restore the security situation knowing fully well his government had lost control.

Gangs now control 80% of Haiti’s capital, according to United Nations estimates, and continue to fight for the rest. While Henry was out of the country, gangs laid siege to the country’s main airport to prevent his return.

Until now, the United States has been pressuring  Henry to secure a political settlement.



Henry, who came to power unelected in 2021 following the assassination of Haiti’s then-president, failed to hold elections last year, saying the country’s insecurity would compromise the vote.


Haiti’s government declared a state of emergency on Sunday after armed groups attacked the country’s largest prison in Port-au-Prince, killing and injuring police and prison staff and allowing some 3,500 inmates to escape.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller on Wednesday said the US was not calling on Henry to resign but was “urging him to expedite the transition to an empowered and inclusive governance structure” to prepare for a multinational security mission and eventually for elections.