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BREAKING! SCOAN Members Reject TB Joshua’s Wife As New Leader



A group of the synagogue Church of all Nations have rejected the leadership of Mrs Evelyn Joshua shortly after she was announced as the new leader of the church.

In a statement released to this Publication, the group made some allegations and reasons Mrs Evelyn should not lead.

Read statement below

To beloved members of the SCOAN family, to Christians and people all over the world. We appeal to your conscience, to help in sustaining the Synagogue Church of All Nations, (SCOAN) from ruin. We need your prayers NOW.

The Church is passing through difficult times. The challenges are not difficult to bring down, but some people in the Church wish to pile up more troubles. Since the passing into eternity of the founder, the Man of God, Pastor TB Joshua, efforts have been made to ensure his legacy thrives. For the Church members, millions of them all over the world, the biggest task is to honour the LAST WISH OF THE MAN OF GOD and keep his flag flying. Unfortunately, the activities of a few members of the Church are building stumbling blocks against the progress of the Church. A few examples are listed below:
Pastor TB Joshua expected his successor to be from among the Pastors in the Church whom he had anointed, this rule has been swept aside.
We are worried about the emergence of Mrs Evelyn Joshua, the wife of the late founder who made unilateral declaration of herself as the new leader of the Church.
She claimed a congregation of 2000 Church members appointed her. This is ridiculous: Where did the meeting hold? Was it through a Yes vote? Was it through election? Was it through ‘anointing’ by the 2000 members? Where is the resolution of the 2000 members? Can 2000 members pick a successor in a Church with millions of members all over the world in five continents? What is the constitution of the Church? Was it followed?
Pastor TB Joshua never ran the Church on the basis of profit. Today, there is a design by the newly self imposed leader, Mrs Evelyn Joshua to commercialise every activity in the Church for money.
Mrs Evelyn Joshua is not a Pastor. She was never anointed by Pastor Joshua. She was not part of the founding members of the Church. What is the basis of her emergence as the person now parading herself as the new leader?

Under the aegis of SCOAN Congress, made up of members from 188 countries, we shall continue to inform and educate the public, peoples all over the world on every development at SCOAN until wisdom, the ways of God and common sense prevail.

Issued by Global Congress of SCOAN Members, (GCSM-) Motto: God is Truth



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