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CLONING Outline Manifesto Ahead of NAOSS Election, Vows To Be Catalyst For Change




As the change of baton of leadership is set to take place among the National Association of Ondo State Students on the 3rd day of September 2023 at National Secretariat Alagba Akure, one name stands out among all contenders ‘CLONING’.


Miss Adeleye Agnes Kafayat popularly referred to as CLONING is one of the outstanding student of Ekiti State University, Ado -Ekiti, a 400-level Biotechnology student in the Faculty of Sciences with outstanding academic records.

CLONING who has vowed to be a catalyst for change when elected is vying as the next Director of Special Duties of the Association Body.

For her resilience, commitment, love, vocal and excellent spirit ‘CLONING’ has stood out among all contemporaries contesting in the forthcoming election as she outlined her manifesto and titled it Catalyst for Change: Embracing Diversity, Empowering Change.

In a chat with EaglesPath Online NG, the Ondo-Born says she feels honored to serve the student body.

Read full manifesto:


Catalyst for Change: Embracing Diversity, Empowering Dreams.

Forging Bonds, Amplifying Impact

Dear fellow students,

I am honored to present my candidacy for the position of Director of Special Duties. My vision for this role transcends the ordinary; it’s about igniting transformation, fostering unity, and empowering each of you to pursue your dreams. With a relentless commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and innovation, I aspire to be the catalyst for positive change within our student community.

1. Mental Wellness and Resilience Campaigns

The pursuit of excellence shouldn’t come at the cost of our well-being. I will spearhead comprehensive mental wellness campaigns that break the stigma surrounding mental health. By fostering a culture of open dialogue, offering counseling resources, and organizing stress-relief activities, we can create an environment where every student feels supported and understood.

2. Student-Driven Initiatives Hub

Passion fuels innovation. I will establish an Initiatives Hub that empowers students to conceptualize and execute their creative ideas. Whether it’s launching a podcast, organizing hackathons, or initiating community service projects, this platform will provide the resources, mentorship, and guidance needed to turn aspirations into reality.

3. Leadership and Empowerment Conferences

Leaders are not born, they’re cultivated. I am committed to organizing leadership and empowerment conferences that feature renowned speakers, industry experts, and thought leaders. Through keynote sessions, interactive workshops, and panel discussions, we will equip you with the skills and mindset needed to lead confidently in any domain.

4. Social Impact Challenge

Our potential for impact extends beyond the campus walls. I will initiate a Social Impact Challenge that encourages students to collaborate on projects addressing pressing societal issues. By working together to design solutions for challenges such as poverty, education, and environmental sustainability, we can amplify our collective impact and contribute to meaningful change.

5. Inclusive Spaces and Accessibility

Equal opportunities for all are fundamental. I am committed to making our beloved Association more inclusive by improving accessibility and creating safe spaces for all students, including those with disabilities.

In conclusion, I am truly excited about the prospect of serving as your Director of Special Duties. Together, let’s shape an unforgettable NAOSS experience—one that transcends boundaries, unlocks potential, and empowers every individual to chase their dreams fearlessly. With your trust and support, we can usher in an era of positive change, unity, and lasting impact.

Vote ADELEYE KAFAYAT AGNES to be the catalyst for a future filled with boundless possibilities!



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