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COHOON Blasts Lagos Comm. For Home Affairs, Ibrahim Layode Over Allegations Against NAHCOM



The concerned Hajj Operators of Nigeria (COHOON) has responded to some allegations levied against the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCOM) by the Lagos state Amirul Hajj, who is the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Hon. Ibrahim Layode.

Ibrahim Layode had alleged that most of the challenges faced in this year’s pilgrimage were caused by NAHCOM’s inability to organize things properly.

In a response, COHOON highlighted that NAHCOM has been able to fulfill its responsibilities to pilgrims which includes airlifting in and out of Saudi Arabia, provision of accommodation and feeding.

‘’There are three (3) major players in hajj operations and they include National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCOM) Which responsible is for airlifting of pilgrimage from Nigeria, in and out of kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this year exercise is highly commendable because there was no stranded passenger and pilgrimage were able to pass through medina on the first leg and pilgrimage were happy about it. NAHCOM also provided both accommodation and feeding in Medina which is also excellent. Provision Accommodation and feeding in Makkah is done by the states and NAHCOM just played a supervisory role. Every state is in charge of Medical screening of their pilgrimage and also have representative in the NAHCOM medical team and they also have their own state in addition to NAHCOM medical team.’’

‘’Concerning BTA, states are responsible for their pilgrimage. They are the ones to purchase dollar from their banks, NAHCOM just played a role. The state paid the money to their respective Dom account and NAHCOM in this aspect is to seek from CBN a letter to be written to all banks that are holding the state Dom account for the BTA release equivalent to the naira paid by the state to the banks. Also, the Saudi Service Provider (Muasasa) is in charge and provider of both feeding and accommodation in Minna, Arafat and mustelifa.’’

COHOON further noted that Honourable Ibrahim Layode failed the pilgrimages of Lagos state by not making adequate preparations and provisions which made some of them consume contaminated food and slept in rat-feasted rooms.

The group further called on the Lagos commissioner to apologize for blaming NAHCOM for his inadequacies or else, he will be asked to resign.

‘’At this juncture we are calling out the Hon. Commissioner for home affairs in Lagos State, Hon. Ibrahim Layode to please tell us where is NAHCOM was faulty and the challenges he is talking about in his press release. You should not be putting blame on NAHCOM after you have failed the pilgrimage of your state ( Lagos State) by providing bad and inadequate accommodation for the pilgrimage, the caterer you engaged also fed the pilgrimage with bad and inadequate food in which some pilgrimage were hospitalized in one of NAHCOM clinic after frequent vomiting and stooling, the same NAHCOM you are blaming saved the life of the pilgrimage you fed with contaminated food.’’

‘’The 400 bed accommodation you provided for Lagos State pilgrimages is so bad to the extent that rat were living in the room with them, the video evidence is there on internet, many of them slept in reception for three days without care which you later took them to a prison-like hotel without TV and fridge and abandoned them, you left them watching rat race in their respective rooms ‘’

‘’Hon. Layode we expected you to apologize and do be rejoinder to NAHCOM within 48hour or else we will release part 2 of your bad leadership with video evidence and also call for your resignation or sack by the governor of Lagos State.’’


Alhaji Tijani Olasunkanmi