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Crisis In UNIBEN As Students Beat Soldier Over ATM Machine (VIDEO)



UNIBEN soldiers



TRIXX NG reports that there is a crisis in the University Of Benin (UNIBEN) over assault on a soldier who reportedly forcefully used an ATM Machine.

This publication understands that students of the school assaulted the soldier who came inside their campus to use the ATM machine

According to a tweep who shared the video of the incident, the soldier was alleged to have asked his female colleague to beat a female student, who they thought was doing a video recording of them.

The tweep said, “Soldiers came into Uniben to withdraw (money) from ATM. They forcefully used the machines and at one point asked a female soldier to beat up a female student because they thought she was recording them. The students did not take the harassment lightly as they retaliated.”

Due to this crisis and fear of retaliation, the institution has ordered a restriction of movement in the school to avoid further issues.

This is coming amidst the naira scarcity facing the country. ATM machines are not very operational in most parts of the country and as a result, different dramas have taken place. The development in UNIBEN is also another repercussion of the naira scarcity





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