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Crisis Rocks RCCG As Plans To Remove Pastor Iluyomade Thickens, Pastor Adeboye Indicted



Pastor Adeboye

It has just been revealed that the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG , Pastor Enoch Adeboye is allegedly planning to remove Pastor Idowu Iluyomade as the Pastor of City of David, COD, Parish and Head of Apapa Family.

Reliable sources categorically told The Frontier that some top RCCG members actually instigated and sponsored the crisis the much loved Pastor has faced and the only purpose, according to these reliable sources, is to take over the magnificent 14-storey Trinity Towers built by COD parish and hand it over to Adeboye’s son who will convert it to RCCG Headquarters, Worldwide with him presiding over the edifice.

Said Dr Olumuyiwa Babafemi, a multi-millionaire business magnate who described himself as a quiet member of the RCCG , “The plan to take over the Trinity Towers started that very day the G.O landed on the helipad on top of that tower. The profile, respect and achievements of the G.O went sky high that day. It was simply unbelievable.

“The whole Redeemed parishes worldwide and people all over Nigeria, Africa and across the world stood still for COD and the G.O. But my brother, envy also sneaked in that day. Pastor Adeboye came to love Pastor ID so much and was so proud of him. But what you are seeing now is the height of that greed and envy inspired by Trinity Towers. Unfortunately, the G.O that loved him so much caved in to pressure from destroyers, men who have built nothing for RCCG. It is painful. For me, Daddy G.O would have betrayed his own son, if he allows hypocrites, the Judases of his church to create what will be a monumental fiasco for our great RCCG family. I feel sad.”

Another source revealed that there have been many frivolous messages to the G.O.
“But the traitors could not make any headway because, there was no substance in those messages and City of David is bonded like a family.There is this love that shines in COD”, Dr Babafemi continues.

“And it is that love that binds them strongly. You know Pastor ID is unbelievably kind, has listening ears for everyone no matter how small and very compassionate. No one goes to him and returns empty”, the business man from Lagos State added emotionally.

Another highly regarded member of the RCCG affirmed that some unnamed pastors and highly placed members of COD have expressed deep concern about the G.O’s rumoured plan to install his son and warned that any decision to unjustly remove Pastor ID from COD may spell unprecedented crisis that may shake the very foundation of RCCG.

Prof Damilola, a US based Redeemed member who declined to give his full name also warned that City of David members love their Pastor passionately and committed humungous amount of their financial resources to build the Trinity Towers in support of their Pastor’s vision to build a magnificent house for God.

In his words, “That Trinity Towers is the vision of their Pastor although he gives Adeboye credit for everything he does. He never takes any credit. Too humble and too committed to G.O’s vision and now they want to cast him aside. No way. COD will never tolerate or accept any decision to yank off their beloved Pastor from that building for no serious breach of the church rules or crime. It will never happen. They will resist it with everything. Mark my word today”, he stressed.

The Frontier reports that indeed, the rumour about handing over COD and Trinity Towers to Adeboye’s son has already permeated the City of David Parish congregation and this has allegedly strengthened their resolve to stand solidly behind their Pastor.

The lamentation all over RCCG parishes now is that Adeboye was handed RCCG by the Founder and General Superintendent, late Josiah Akindayomi, who hailed from Ondo State despite having his own family. But now, the G.O wants to victimise Pastor ID, his loyal son, in order to hand over RCCG to his own son from Osun State.

Our correspondent however gathered that some elders and senior pastors of the church are trying frantically to meet with the General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, to resolve the simmering crisis and save the church from a clearly possible implosion.

All efforts to reach the General Overseer proved abortive as at time of going to press.