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Dr. Babatunde Okewale Officially Opens Akowonjo Branch Of St. Ives Hospital in Lagos






Under the sparkling Lagos sky, the city’s medical landscape underwent a transformative shift with the grand unveiling of the St. Ives Akowonjo Hospital on February 26, 2024. The event was not just a mere opening but a spectacle of healthcare innovation, marking a new horizon in the industry. The mastermind behind this revolutionary facility, Dr. Babatunde Okewale, infused the new hospital with his passion for enhancing the well-being of women and their families, establishing a new benchmark for medical excellence.


The avant-garde St. Ives Akowonjo Hospital emerges as a colossus of healing in the heart of Lagos. Its design transcends traditional architectural norms, embodying a sanctuary where cutting-edge medicine meets heartfelt compassion. This hospital isn’t merely constructed of bricks and beams; it resonates with the pulse of the community, echoing the collective desire for superior healthcare services.


With 40 in-patient beds, the hospital promises to be more than just a facility for the sick; it aims to be a nurturing cradle for life itself. Dr. Okewale’s visionary approach is evident in every corner of the hospital, from the state-of-the-art equipment to the dedicated team of medical professionals ready to extend their expertise and empathy to every patient.


The story of St. Ives Akowonjo is a testament to the journey of ambition, fueled by a relentless commitment to healthcare excellence. The hospital stands as a beacon of hope, transforming the lives of countless individuals through its comprehensive services focused on fertility and general wellness. This expansion represents a response to the growing healthcare needs of the community, reflecting the unwavering trust and satisfaction of its patients.


The opening of this facility is more than just an addition to Lagos’ healthcare infrastructure; it is a reaffirmation of Dr. Okewale’s lifelong dedication to bringing joy and healing to families. His work, particularly in the field of reproductive health, has broken barriers and democratized access to fertility treatments, earning him accolades and respect both locally and internationally.


As St. Ives Akowonjo begins its journey, it pledges to be a haven of care, where miracles are not just a possibility but a daily occurrence. The hospital embodies the promise of a new era in healthcare, where doors are always open and hearts are perpetually ready to heal.