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Drama As Speaker Tajudeen Abass Wives Fight For Space During Swearing-In On National TV (VIDEO)



Tajudeen Abass


TRIXX NG reports that there was mild drama at the inauguration of the new House of Representatives speaker, Tajudeen Abass when his two wives battled for space while taking the oath of office.

In videos shared on social media, one of his wives was seen tackling the other who was standing beside Tajudeen Abass during the oath-taking. At some point, the process of the oath-taking was disrupted when the wife argued with him.

Surprised by this development, the judge conducting the session could not help but look at the aggrieved woman while Speaker Abass continued with the process.

Some people who were on the stage tried to plead with the wife to stop the argument but all their appeal fell on deaf ears.

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