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E-WAEC Certificate: What a future-forwarded Examination Council!





I clearly remember sitting in a biology class where the teacher told us that structure determines functions, I could not comprehend but managed to ‘la cram la pour’ in all the examinations where the knowledge of the overarching theme was being asked.

Later in life, I realised the practicality of the theme, that the structure of an organisation speaks a lot about its functionalities. This means that a weak structure produces a bad function and vice versa.

Consequently, WAEC’s organisational structure has displayed the positive aspect of this theme in the educational sector.

The West African Examination Council’s (WAEC) E-Certificate platform, under the auspices of Botosoft Technologies, became the talk of the town due to the effectiveness of the Council’s structure which consequently necessitated the innovative and future forwarded product.

It is worthy of note that candidates will be able to generate certificates online and to recover burnt, lost, and damaged certificates through the digital certificate platform.

On the 21st of October, 2022 when it was launched, WAEC stated that Certificates produced from 1999 to date are eligible for such recovery.

According to WAEC’s Head of National Office for Nigeria, Patrick Areghan, it will cost N7,500 for new and old candidates to assess the platform, N3,500 to share and N5,000 for certificate confirmation to “eliminate fraud and send fakers out of the market.”

He added that the platform will enable over 30 million certificate holders to “access and share the original copies of their certificates from anywhere in the world and those from 1970 to 1998 will be attended to shortly.”

The platform can also be used to recover candidates’ forgotten or lost examination numbers and “it has many security doors that will make it impossible to hack.”

Considering the level of impact of this innovation, I would appreciate the management, especially the Council’s Head, Mr Patrick Areghan for putting smiles on the faces of over 30 million Nigerians who would have risked their lives traveling to schools for the collection of their certificates amidst the insecurity crisis in the country. It indeed shows you are serving Nigeria with all your strength, as stated in the country’s National Pledge.

The Council should also be commended for trusting and believing in BOTOSOFT technologies to share in its vision of becoming a world-class examining body, adding value to the educational goals of its stakeholder.


Segun K. writes from Lagos

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