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Eko Drive Reinforces Supercar Passion with Second Exhibition, Sparks Call for Quarterly Events




Eko Drive recently hosted its second supercar exhibition at the Alliance Francaise, drawing a fervent response from automobile enthusiasts who advocated for more frequent gatherings, suggesting a shift from annual to quarterly events.

The well-attended automotive showcase featured a dazzling array of vintage supercars, ranging from the grand to the compact, and from classics to the latest models, with a particular highlight on coupes and sports cars. The event also showcased creative arts design on a selected Range Rover.

Ademide Osunsina and Imran Claud-Ennin, the founders of Eko Drive, expressed their deep passion for cars and the overwhelming support from a network of car enthusiasts as the driving forces behind the exhibition. Osunsina, the project manager, mentioned their vision to organize rallies and drag race events, not only across Nigeria but potentially across Africa, aiming to redefine automotive culture in the country.

Osunsina expressed satisfaction with the large turnout, interpreting it as a sign that more car enthusiasts are aligning with their mission to promote Nigeria as an attractive destination for car shows.

Imran Claud-Ennin, the event coordinator and creative director, highlighted the exhibition’s role in bringing together car enthusiasts of different generations. He emphasized the educational opportunity for younger generations, allowing them to learn more about supercars directly from owners and manufacturers present at the event.

The vintage and classic car exhibition served as a platform to showcase locally assembled supercars in Nigeria, challenging the perception that such vehicles cannot be produced domestically. A notable attraction was a Range Rover creatively painted by a Nigerian artist, blending automotive design with Nigerian art.

Participants at the exhibition expressed their joy at the unique experience and the firsthand insights gained into vintage and supercars in Nigeria.

Nollywood actor, Wale Ojo, Sunday Are, Wizkid’s manager and other celebrities and car owners were at the colorful event.

Tunde Owojaiye, a Real Estate broker and CEO of Ojay Realtors, commended the idea and suggested making the exhibition a frequent tourism attraction. He emphasized the potential for collaboration with car dealers and companies seeking to tap into the passionate car enthusiast market.

Dayo Akinkungbe, owner of a Mercedes SLS Bird wing supercar, praised the organizers for their initiative and encouraged them to continue organizing such exhibitions.

With over 17 cars on display, including Porsche Cayenne, Maybach, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz coupe, Bravus, Pontiac Chieftain, and other high-end supercars, Eko Drive’s exhibition succeeded in bringing together a diverse array of automotive marvels for enthusiasts to appreciate and enjoy.