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Exciting Cartoons on GOtv for Kids and the Young at Heart




Hey mums and dads, did you know that the programmes showing on GOtv’s kids’ channels are specially selected to entertain young minds, spark their imagination, and ignite the flames of creativity? From whimsical adventures to educational explorations, GOtv kids’ channels are a gateway to a realm where dreams come alive not just for kids but also for the young at heart. Here is our top selection of kids’ programmes with enchanting tales, lovable characters, and entertaining stories.


Best and Bester


Allow your kiddos to experience life in a new way with Best and Bester on Nick Toons (GOtv Ch. 86). Showing 2:00 p.m. daily on Nick Toons, Best Bester is an animated comedy that chronicles the exploits of a humorous pair of twins who live in an unusual reality where their neighbor could be a grumpy pair of pants and their best friend a drifting cloud. But, unlike their friends and neighbors, Best and Bester can transform into the items of their choice every day and experience life in a new way.



After being exposed to a shrinking gas, Zak and his grandfather shrink, putting them face to face with his grandfather’s insect creation. Follow the fascinating adventures of a young Zak, his grandfather, and three mechanically augmented insects as they start a quest to thwart an evil Queen while attempting to recover pieces of the shattered Shrinkinator everyday on Moonbug Kids (GOtv Ch. 85).


The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince of Ivandoe


The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince of Ivandoe is a cartoon series that centers on the exploits of Ivandoe, a young woodland prince whose father, the Mighty Stag, sends him on a search for the enchanted Golden Feather of the ferocious Eagle King. Your children can follow the intriguing series everyday on Cartoon Network (GOtv Ch. 89)  to watch how Ivandoe sets out on numerous forested adventures with his faithful squire, a small bird named Bert.


Spidey and His Amazing Friends


Give your preschool kids something fun to watch with Marvel’s first full-length series, Spidey, and his amazing friends, showing everyday on Disney Junior (GOtv Ch. 82). Your preschoolers can follow the story of Peter Parker as he teams up with Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales to form “Team Spidey” and embark on numerous adventures against adversaries such as Rhino, Doc Ock, and Green Goblin.


It’s a Big Big World


Your kids can learn more about the rainforest as Snook the Sloth takes them on a fascinating voyage in an engaging animated series, It’s a Big Big World, showing everyday on PBS Kids (GOtv Ch. 84). The series centers around a group of animals that live in “The World Tree” in the Amazon River jungle, with the Pico da Neblina Mountain in the background. The series promises maximum entertainment just as it promises to teach your kids new things about the rainforest and geography.


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