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Fierce Competition And Fun Family Rivalry On Indomie Love Bowl Episode 6



Indomie Love Bowl


The Indomie Love Bowl game show never fails to dish out lively family entertainment with intense competition and an electrifying audience experience. Last week’s episode was a perfect blend of excitement for everyone involved.


Episode  6 of the game show featured the Ogunbowale family representing the yellow team, the Amaechi family as the red team, and the Sodiq family aka the green team. The families came in confident and hyped for the games ahead.


The excitement kicked off with the Fire Round session, where each team had to prove their quick thinking and knowledge. Starting their winning streak for the night, the Ogunbowale family won the game with 5 points ahead.


In the next game of the night, Basketball Connect Four, participants had to connect their balls either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, in a display of skill and calculative thinking. The game ended with the Ogunbowale family (Yellow team) scoring 50 points and setting the audience in a  frenzy for their second win on the show.


The next game, Move or Drop, tests the mums on how well they know their kids. Several questions about their kids are asked and for their kids to advance the mums have to guess the correct answer. When the right answer is given the kid moves forward. A wrong answer results in the kid moving a step back. The Sodiq family of the green team won this game with 50 points.


In the next game What’s in the Box, mums, blindfolded, are tasked to guess the mysterious item solely by touch and subtle hints from their kids without full disclosure. The game ended in a tie with the red and yellow teams scoring 50 points each.


Then came the much-awaited Indomie time, a segment that added a flavorful twist to the competition. In this segment, the mums prepare their signature Indomie recipe, and the kids have to guess their mum’s cooking by tasting each bowl while blindfolded. All the kids guessed their mum’s meal correctly earning themselves 200 points each.


The  Ogunbowale family won the competition securing a place in the semi-final.


Enjoy heartwarming moments, fierce competition, and a generous sprinkle of Indomie magic every week.  Tune in to watch new episodes of the Indomie Love Bowl game show every Sunday on Africa Magic Family (DStv 154 and GOtv 7) at 7:00 pm, Africa Magic Urban (DStv Ch 153 and GOtv Ch 8) from 5:00 pm–6:00 pm, and Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Ch. 151 and GOtv Supa+ Ch. 12) from 6:00 pm–7:00 pm.