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From Future Awards to global Most Influential under 40s: The rising trajectory of O’tega Ogra



O’tega Ogra


In 2017, he was among 105 Nigerians, aged 18 to 31, shortlisted for The Future Awards Africa (TFAA).

At that 12th edition of the prestigious ceremony on December 9, O’tega Ogra, 30, was in Category 5, one of five young people making a difference in their spheres of work, showing exceptional creativity, influence and social impact.

Fast forward five years later, his name was in the list of Most Influential People of African Descent, MIPAD, released in November 2022.

O’tega Ogra, BUA Group’s Head/Director, Brands and Corporate Communications, was recognized in the Top 100 Under-40s Media and Culture list of the MIPAD, in honour of his outstanding and positive contribution to influencing and advancing issues impacting people of African descent worldwide through media, culture, social impact, and communications, especially in the African private sector.

The list was released during the MIPAD 2022 Recognition Week following the opening of the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City in the United States of America.

The accolade was well-deserved―a recognition for years of unbroken impressive run and a fitting tribute to an achievement-laden career that is continuously on an upward trajectory.

Ogra has been as constant as the Northern Star in the sky of corporate communication. For over a decade now, he has been a supernova, a leading light with a track record that is difficult to ignore.

The corporate world is blessed with brilliant communication minds but only a few stand out as czars of the art and craft of corporate communication. Ogra’s flag has been flying strongly for the past 12 years, to the extent that it is clear that his achievements are neither fluke nor a contrivance of fate. Here is a man who knows his onion. His track record tells a good story of his rapid rise to the acme of his profession and his exceptional problem-solving competence that makes him a gem in the corporate world. He is a classic example of someone who worked his way up the ladder, having worked in many capacities as a brand strategist, digital marketer, content creator, crisis manager, corporate communications expert, event manager/organiser, web designer, business manager, and entrepreneur, among others.

With his talents, resourcefulness and work ethics, Ogra traversed the corporate world, leaving a trail of excellence.

The alumnus of Babcock University, one of Nigeria’s prestigious private institutions, worked at GTBank as Corporate Communications Manager, and later at Wema Bank Plc, as Head, Brand Management and Head, Corporate Communications and Digital Marketing Unit. He joined the BUA Group in 2015 as Group Head, Corporate Communications.

With an indefatigable commitment to work, diligence, creativity and proficiency, O’tega Ogra, has established himself as a trailblazer paving the way into the future. It is expected that this doyen of corporate communication will continue his exploits in 2023 and beyond.

The assurance was in his acceptance of the MIPAD honour: “I thank MIPAD for this recognition. It means there is a lot more work to be done especially for the young people in Africa. We must also channel our work and influence into projecting Africa positively to the world and changing the narrative of the continent for good.”