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General Buratai (CFR): From Battlefields to the Farms





A Glimpse into the Retirement of a Nigerian Military Icon

In what can be described as a stunning departure from his renowned military career, former Nigerian Army Chief and former Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Benin, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, captivated the online world on Friday with a post on his Facebook page titled “Best Retirement Hobby.”

The post featured General Buratai draped in exquisite Fulani traditional attire as he shared a series of snapshots showcasing his leisurely moments at his farm.

Renowned for his remarkable feats as a distinguished military strategist and seasoned diplomat, General Buratai earned widespread acclaim for spearheading critical military operations that led to the liberation of territories once held captive by the notorious Boko Haram insurgents in Northeast Nigeria.

Moreover, his visionary leadership was instrumental in bolstering the Nigerian Army’s capabilities and fostering a culture of excellence aligned with global standards.

Transitioning seamlessly from the battlegrounds to the serene environs of his snake farm, General Buratai’s post not only offered a glimpse into his newfound passion but also showcases his multifaceted persona beyond the realms of military valour and diplomatic finesse.

In this part of the world where transitions are often met with uncertainty and apprehension, General Tukur Buratai’s graceful segue into a tranquil retirement marked by his compelling engagement with nature testifies to his indomitable spirit, resilience, and enduring legacy that continues to inspire generations far and wide.