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Glo commits to workplace empowerment for women, launches SheGlows





The International Women’s Day 2024 was marked by Globacom with the launch of SheGlows, a top-down mentoring initiative targeted at younger and junior staff.
At the launch of the initiative on Friday in Lagos, Globacom’s Executive Vice Chairman, Mrs. Bella Disu, emphasized the importance of women assuming their proper role as co-contributors to business and national growth.
Mrs. Disu spoke on the theme of the 2024 International Women’s Day, which is “Inspire Inclusion: Investing in Women, accelerate progress”, and unveiled Globacom’s desire to build, empower and support the career growth and well-being of female employees in the company.
“SheGlows” is a program for female mentorship that spans the various organizational levels in Globacom. It was started to make sure that senior cadre women in the system mentor lower cadre women in order to help them reach their life and career goals.
She explained that the day offered the chance for mentoring, ongoing education, and support for women working for Globacom.
Said she: “We intend to inspire collaboration and conviviality, camaraderie and bonding. We want women in the business to be who they aspire to be while lending support to the advancement of the company”.
She added that SheGlows will foster a better life-work environment for the women while empowering them to hold their own in the spaces they occupy in life and at work.
Mrs. Disu, while  joining  leaders of corporate organisations of global repute in saluting the womenfolk in Nigeria as well as the entire world,  pledged the company’s  commitment to the all-round well-being of women in Globacom’s operations.