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How Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies Came To Pass In Imo, Kogi, Bayelsa Governorship Elections



The results of the governorship elections held in Imo, Kogi and Bayelsa states have confirmed the authenticity of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies concerning the elections.

Starting with Imo state where Governor Hope Uzodinma retained his seat after winning by a landslide, Primate Ayodele had revealed before the election that opposition parties were not ready to win the state and that APC will retain its position in the state as the ruling party.

The prophet warned severally that Hope Uzodinma isn’t the right person to rule Imo state but the opposition parties through their selfishness will allow him to win the election. The prophet advised them to form a coalition if they wanted to wrestle the state from APC but they declined, leading to the uninterrupted victory of Uzodinma.

Primate Ayodele shared four different times between May and November 2023 how Hope Uzodinma will win the election because opposition parties are not showing signs of seriousness.

These were Primate Ayodele’s words

‘’ I want to warn the Labour party in Imo state; you are not ready for Hope Uzodinma. He is ready for you technically, spiritually, financially, materially, legally, illegally to win the election.  Those who want to contest with him in Imo state are not ready.’’ (June 12, 2023)

‘The election coming up in Imo state, PDP will not win because Hope Uzodinma is ready to do anything to win the election.’’ (10th Of May, 2023)

‘’PDP, Labour Party are not ready to unseat Hope Uzodinma. Uzodinma is very ready to take it up again. There is nothing you will do even if you go to court.’’ (August 2023)

‘’I still repeat that I am not seeing the Labour party, PDP or any other party unseating Uzodinma in Imo state. He is ready in all ramifications to get it’’ (9TH Of November, 2023)

In fulfillment of these prophecies, INEC declared Hope Uzodinma as winner of the election after defeating PDP and Labour party.

For Kogi state too, Primate Ayodele before the election had revealed that APC will retain the state except oppositions come together to form a coalition. His prophecy on Kogi state was a surprising one as he revealed that the election will be between APC and SDP meanwhile it had always been between APC and PDP. He spoke extensively on this revelation and said APC will win the election but the SDP candidate will be a factor.

These were his words

‘’In Kogi state, APC must not sleep because the SDP will give the party a very big fight. SDP is ready with every mercenary in Kogi state. SDP must not be underestimated. PDP will have a confusion arrangement. They must not overlook SDP….’’


These were his words

‘’The election in Kogi state is between APC and SDP. Ajaka will fight a serious battle with the incumbent. Oppositions will fail in the state because they didn’t form a coalition, they are all selfish if no coalition would unseat the ruling party but they all want to be in power at the same time. I am not seeing what PDP will do in the election but SDP will make it a fight to finish. The election will be serious and if care isn’t taken, they won’t count results in some areas. The election in Kogi will be for APC no matter how the margin is, it will be a tug of war…’’

As Primate Ayodele said, APC won the election though not by a landslide because of the efforts of the SDP candidate. Many didn’t believe SDP would make any serious impact in the election but as the man of God foretold, the SPD candidate turned out to be a ‘factor’ in the election. The PDP on the other hand fell badly in this election with a token of 46,362 votes. SDP got 259,052 while APC got 446,237 votes.

Likewise in Bayelsa, Primate Ayodele shared from onset that the only person that can give APC a good chance at the election is David Lyon. He noted that if Lyon isn’t given the ticket, APC should forget about the election.

‘’If David Lyon doesn’t win the APC ticket and they give it to Sylva, APC will lose, PDP will retain the seat. Only Lyon can give Diri a very tough time and if he doesn’t get it, Lyon will win at the end of the day.’’

In subsequent prophecies, he advised APC not to bother because they won’t win. He categorically shared that PDP will win the election. In his final note too, he alerted the incumbent governor of threats to his second term ambition but assured that at the end of the day, he will still emerge.

‘’In Bayelsa, APC don’t bother yourself. I am not seeing APC winning except PDP. The Bayelsa governor must not sleep because they are looking for every means to unseat him. Bayelsa will for PDP…Bayelsa is straightaway for PDP. Let’s just pray for peaceful election.’’

‘’In Bayelsa, I still make my final note. APC is ready but Bayelsa isn’t for the party. There will be a tough time for the incumbent governor, there will be a threat to his victory, he should reconcile with the interested parties. The governor has all it takes and he must humble himself to look at what should be done. The election will not be so easy but eventually, God by his side, he will be victorious.’’

As Primate Ayodele prophesied, Bayelsa election ranks as the most controversial among the off-cycle elections that were held over the weekend. Despite having just eight local governments compared to other states that had more, Bayelsa was the last to be concluded by INEC. There was violence, INEC officials were held hostage, fights erupted in the collation centre but despite all, PDP’s Duoye Diri became victorious as foretold by Primate Ayodele.

The off-cycle elections have confirmed again beyond reasonable doubt that Primate Ayodele’s prophecies are indeed a product of God’s divine signals.




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