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‘I Won’t Be Surprised If I See Most Pastors, Apostles, Prophets In Hell’ – Prophet Joshua Iginla Blows Hot






TRIXX NG Reports that the general overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla poured out his heart on the present situation of Christian leaders in Nigeria at the moment.

During a live service at his church, the man of God noted that the body of Christ in Nigeria is divided and it won’t be a shock if many men of God don’t make heaven because of the way they are going about the religion.

He explained that there is so much hatred in the body of Christ and that men of God have left the practice of Christianity for something else.

This is coming some hours after he revealed that some high ranking pastors have connived with some of his former staffers to frame him up for kidnap and murder.

See his full statement below

It is the body of Christ who will leave the devil and fight themselves, it is the body of Christ that can protect an herbalist and kill a prophet

It is in the body of Christ that when soul comes to a church and the church increases, another pastor gets angry, we no longer see the increment of the church as souls being won for the kingdom. It is in the body of Christ that one pastor wants to be better than the other and we do anything to kill the other.

It is in the body of christ, we have people with polluted heart, the folks are no longer fed by the word of God, we feed them with the spirit of maliciousness, denominations, partitions, we have become separatist in the body.

It is in the body of Christ we can walk to the mosque, pray and not feel afraid but you can stay around pastors and be afraid to be poisoned.

Sometimes I wonder the heaven we go, wickedness is so high that some people will hate a prophet in his life time and even after calling him home, they will hate him yet they still talk about eternal life, salvation yet they cant forgive a man whom God has called like them.

Sometimes I ask, who are we deceiving? I weep for the church we have in our generation, we have removed the ancient landmark, we have killed the virtue of love, we have turned hatred to holiness, we have turned division to love, we have turned name callings and criticisms as righteousness, I pray Jesus comes quickly

Now I know why he has delayed in his timings, it might just be few that will make it, I wont be surprised when we get to heaven and see many members in heaven and many pastors, apostles, prophets, teachers in hell, I wont be shocked, now I know why.

It is only in the body of Christ that a general can be injured and we take cutlass to injure him the more. It is only in the body of Christ we cage a soul that God has set free, punish a man God has forgiven, we have fathers who preach one ting and do the other thing, truly the Lord comes quickly.

Now I know why Jesus said by their fruit, you shall know them, not by their association, clique, and the father they submit to.

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