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‘Ifeanyi Ubah Will Not Win Anambra 2021 Governorship Election’ – Popular Prophet





The general overseer of Omotosho Tope Joseph (OTJ) ministries has spoken God’s mind on the Anambra gubernatorial election set to hold in November.

During a telephone interview, the popular man of God revealed that the victory is between the People democratic party (PDP) and All progressive grand alliance ( APGA)

He made it known that APGA will pull a lot of crowd if they present Honourable Chukwuma Umeoji as the candidate but the hand of the Lord is so much on the PDP if they present Godwin Maduka as the candidate.

On YPP, Prophet Omotosho made it known that Ifeanyi Ubah is the candidate that can shake the ground for the party but he will not win.

For APC, the man of God stated that they will want to present Chief George Moghalu but the hand of the Lord is not on him or the party for the victory of Anambra gubernatorial election.

“Anambra election is going to be very tough and great but the election victory will be between PDP and APGA.

If APGA wants to win the election, they should use Honourable Chukwuma Umeoji, if they use another person, PDP will win the election but I am seeing the hand of God upon Chukwuma Umeoji and Godwin Maduka of PDP”

“For YPP, Ifeanyi Ubah will shake ground but he will not win”

“APC will want to use Chief George Moghalu as the candidate. The victory is between APGA,  PDP but it is more on On Maduka”

Also, He spoke on some other parties and their candidates.

“Toyin Nwoye, there’s something God has for him.

Mrs Genevieve Ekwochi will make efforts but it is not yet her turn”


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