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I’M Fulfilled, Happy Whenever I Meet Less Privileged In Our Society ~Dr. Toyin Aborisade, CEO Phemnick Life Support




… Phemnick Life Support started very small, but we’re focused

+ Phemnick Life Support has given scholarship to many Nigerians to further their education in abroad

Dr.Toyin Aborisade, MD/CEO Phemnick Life Support and quintessential, proactive Global immigration specialist was on Monday 15th November 2022 engaged his media aide Oluwaseun BethNews Madia, to confided in him by saying he derives joy and
fulfillment in meeting the needs of the less privileged in our society.

In a brief Phone chat with his media aide. Dr. Toyin Aborisade an illustrious son of Erukucity in Ekiti Local Government of Kwara State said
“my first and primary focus is to uplift the standard of living of the
downtrodden in our society. “I will not be interested in politics, charity/ humanitarian affairs or even business, if it does not concern the people; if it doesn’t concern the little boy and girl hawking along the road, when he or she is suppose to be in school”, especially some of my hometown people he insisted. As “It doesn’t make any sense to me” ,he went further to add.

For those who didn’t know Dr. Toyin Aborisade is a well trained US Global immigration specialist and the Chairman/CEO of Phemnick Life Supporthe found many years ago with various subsidiaries in Travels and Tours, Agriculture, Sports, Rentals services, Fashion and Style and Food Services etc. He also has considerable stake in Microfinance banking institutions, media and Information Technology. Phemnick Life Support is a top notch company established years ago with business interests covering travel and tours, foreign education placement, sports, scholarship food and agriculture, and consulting with offices in Lagos, Kwara, Osun and in diaspora such as Texas, Maryland, Texaco, Jamaica et cl.

When asked why he chose to become a philanthropist/ entrepreneur, he said, “life is bigger than just for myself and my family and maybe a few
other people. But I wanted more from life”. Life and living is all
about making impact in the lives of others. I don’t just want to be able to be comfortable all by myself. I don’t want to live for just
myself and my family. Besides, I needed to be part of the solutions in the business world. No doubt, immigration/ medical is my first love but the
reality is that if I had not followed my dream boldly, perhaps, the
over one thousand I have helped also over one fifty employees in Phemnick Life Support across the country, may be part of the unemployed Nigerians.

They may also be part of the six Nigerians that joins the rank of extremely poor people in the world,every minute.
Perhaps, what we have been doing with the Phemnick Life Support wouldn’t have happened.

As an entrepreneur with major stake in the service industry,
particularly in travels and tours, foreign education, sports, scholarship, media, amongst others, also as someone who practices the act of giving back through our company/NGO Phemnick Life Support I can say that there is nothing more fulfilling than providing solutions and meeting the needs of the less privileged in our society”.

The young and vibrant entrepreneur/philanthropist Dr. Toyin Aborisade father of three, with such an uncommon relaxed approach to issues, had a good smiles during the one hour conversations with his media aide when he was asked how much he invested in Phemnick Life Support considering how big the company has become. Responding he said; “well, it is a seamless truth, proven over and again that big things start small. We started very small. But we were focused. Driven by the passion to provide best, world class quality services to our clients. We simply persisted on the path of our focus. I personally celebrate the success of our clients. Each client means the world to me personally.

Right now, we have over fifty Nigerians families alone that we have successfully offered our travel and tour service. So now, its a bit difficult for me to keep track of them all. But I celebrate every of our success because I understand that our efforts to each person’s pursuit may just be that missing link, the reason why they will achieve academic or business successes, build companies, employ people, make contributions to better our society.

Phemnick Life Support has given scholarship to many Nigerians to further their education in abroad likewise those in the sports arena has also been sponsored to Mexico, USA and other part of the country and we promised to do more.



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