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Jiboro Family Land Tussle: Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina ‘Sir K Oluwo’ Sets The Record Straight



The Chief Executive Officer of Omolamina Global Ventures Limited (OGL), Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina popularly known as Sir K Oluwo has denied threatening the Jiboro family over a land tussle.

Jiboro Family had accused Sir K Oluwo of threatening to kill them one by one for an eight plots of land which they claimed Sir K Oluwo fraudulently acquired from their family.

They also explained that they have written a petition to the police regarding the issue.

In his response, Sir K Oluwo made it known that he has nothing to do with the Jiboro family and cannot recognize any of them because he has never done business with them before.

On the land in question, Sir K Oluwo explained that he purchased them from Princess Josephine Momoh who had the documents and judgment from the federal high court to lay claims to the land.

Sir K revealed that the police have also authenticated Princess Josephine Momoh’s ownership of the land with documents attached to back it up.

He further accused the Jiboro Family of hiring thugs and notorious criminals to forcefully take over the land which they have no right over.

Read his response below

I have nothing to do with the Jiboro family, I can’t see them on the road and recognize them and that’s why When I saw the publication they made yesterday, I was surprised because we have never had any direct dealing.

All I know is my company purchased 9 plots of Land from Princess Josephine Momoh and before we purchased it, we saw all the documents authenticating her ownership of the landed property. We saw the judgment from the federal high court because police were the ones in the vicinity before and we saw the judgment she got from the federal high court where she won.

We also saw the document she got when she purchased 5 acres and 3 plots of the landed property from the family; all of these are available in the documents. We were not the only ones that bought landed property from her but after we got it, Jiboro family went to hire Mayaki Suleiman, Germani Oropo, Opafemi , Kehinde Onikoyo, Alowonlo, Segun Adebayo who escaped from prison yard in 2013, Tunmise Baba Alaba; they were all there with guns during the day and night.

We had to go back to Princess Momoh to complain about the land she sold to us, she also complained about their activities and said she had written a petition to the inspector general of police. We also decided to write our petition and the police came and met the Jiboro family with caterpillars, destroying structures on the land. The NPF stopped them and asked them to come to Abuja.

When they got to Abuja, it was established that truly, Princess Momoh owns the landed property and the DIG requested that every activity should be stopped on the land but they didn’t listen. Miyaki has been boasting that the landed property we got has been shared to top officers in Abuja and that we can’t have access to them so I thought to myself that there is law in Nigeria and due to my knowledge of the law, I wrote to the Commissioner Of Police and DIG.

When they saw that all their secrets had been exposed, they went to bring up this issue, not knowing them but they were the ones that hired land grabbers. Miyaki was a herder before he became a land grabber. Miyaki has been involved in several criminal cases.

I use this opportunity to tell Nigerians that I don’t have business with the Jiboro family, I have documents for my property and every Nigerian buying landed property from these people around the police station in Shagamu risks losing their money.

Princess Momoh had gotten the landed property since 1998 and the signal used to release these properties to her is all available in a document.

Three days ago, they went to Onyabo’s office to shoot, one of their victims is currently in the hospital. I haven’t received any petition from them because their petition wasn’t even received by the police.


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